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Best macaron delivery in 2021

Authenticity, Taste & Quality
Shipping, price & customization

French chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, husband & wife Anthony & Yami.

Authentic Parisian recipe with no butter (ganache).

Crunchy outside / chewy inside taste signature. Ship fresh to your door.

Price is slightly higher than average at $2.20 vs $2.10

Free shipping over $69. $9.90 standard shipping, and options for expedite.

Wide variety of sets: Gift boxes, 12, 24, 48, favor box for corporate gifts, etc.

"Build your own set" feature among the macaron menu. "Order now, ship later" feature for events.


Bakers not identified. Recipe too buttery. "American" flavors. Texture mostly chewy.

Every macaron was wet upon unboxing: Macarons most likely ship frozen and thaw during transit.

See the full Ma-ka-rohn review here.

Price is slightly higher than average at $2.25 vs to $2.10.

Free shipping for $69+ orders with USPS. No overnight shipping or expedite options.

No event feature to ship later. Customization available to pick each flavor.

Only set available is 12. No macaron gift box or favor box.

Dana's bakery

New York based baker. Recipe with buttercream (too buttery). Texture OK.

Macarons most likely ship frozen. Macarons slightly wet upon unboxing due to thawing process during transit.

Full unboxing here.

Overpriced ($2.75>$2.10) and quality is average.

Expensive standard shipping at $18 for 2-day shipping. No free Shipping. Order arrived 5 days later.

Only by sets of 12, no "build your own set" feature.

Customizable for corporate with printing feature.

Chelles macarons

Baker not identified on the website, but legit place in Dallas, Texas.

Recipe too buttery and macarons were wet (probably shipped frozen and thawed during transit).

Flavors hard to distinguish due to quantity of butter used. Full taste test & unboxing here.

Fairly priced ($2.25 > $2.10).

Only shipping option is $7.99 for 2-3 business days delivery. No Free shipping, no expedite option.

Customization possible but website not easy to navigate.

No feature to order now and ship later for an event.

Macaron Bar

Head of company well identified as Nathan Sivitz. Very poor macaron quality: Every macaron was hollow, weak and inedible.

I don't recommended to buy from this bakery. Full review with pictures here.

Price is including shipping: $3.25 per macaron which is fair.

Free shipping with USPS.

Fast transit (received in two days).

Macarons did not ship well: Every macaron arrived damaged.

Macaron Queen

Experienced Iranian baker Finia featured in the Profit on CNBC. 5 out of 10 macarons were melted due to too buttery filling. 3 out of 10 broken.

Amateurish box look. I recommend to pick up rather than shipping.

Check the unboxing with pictures here.

Price is higher than average ($2.70 > $2.20).

Free shipping over $75. Fair standard $7.99 2-day Fedex shipping, and overnight for $17.

No customization possible to build your own set. Website hard to navigate.

After my full macaron reviews of Ma-ka-rohn, Dana's bakery, Chelles macarons, Macaron bar and Macaron Queen, let's find out what are the best macarons to buy online.

I will do an unboxing and quality test for each macaron delivery service. I won't comment too much on Pastreez, instead I'll post what others are saying about us.

Table of content

  • Pastreez

Pastreez review and unboxing

Pastreez is the best macarons you can find online because.. Let's stop here.

I'd really love to promote our company this way! But to be fair in this review, I won't. Instead, I will share facts and reviews of previous customers:

I won't comment any deeper into the Pastreez vs other bakeries comparison. Redeem your 7 Free macarons today and let us know how was your experience!

    • Authenticity

    Every single macaron at Pastreez is fully handcrafted by French chefs in California. My wife and I are both French chefs fro Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

    We use the authentic recipe that we learned and practiced for years. The macarons are the classic Parisian size, about 1.7 inches diameter.

    The recipe do not contain butter, for a smoother taste and better texture. We prefer ganache rather than buttercream, because it doesn't alter the flavor, it's less fast, and it doesn't melt in transit.

      • Unboxing

      Pastreez includes a card in every shipment with tips for best experience and a menu card on the back with pictures.

      We also include air cushions to protect your treats during transit. The macarons are safely packaged inside an insulated bubble pouch.

        • Quality & taste test

        I won't comment on our macarons either :) Instead, let's see what other customers are saying on Google.

        Pastreez reviews from Google
        • Makarohn

        Makarohn full review and unboxing

        Who is Ma-ka-rohn? This online bakery was founded in 2015. There is not much information available on its founders or bakers. No names, no pictures.

        I personally like to know who's behind food that I purchase, especially when it's online.

        I have ordered from Makarohn and tried their macarons. I will detail it in a full review and go over its quality, taste, and more!

          • Unboxing

          MaKaRohn ships their packages with USPS Priority Mail. The shipping fee is $9.99, and Free shipping over $69. The 10 macarons I purchased were $22.50 which is fair. It is $2.25 each, slightly over the $2.10 industry average.

          I ordered on Aug. 21st, it shipped on Aug. 24th, and delivered Aug. 26th. The timeline is great.

          Makarohn unboxing

          The package is correctly made, even though there is no branding outside the box. The stickers help identify that this is a perishable package. 

          Makarohn unboxing

           Inside, I found two cards, an insulated pouch with the macarons in it and an ice pack. The cards were tips for best consumption and also a menu card.

          Makarohn unboxing 2021

          The macarons were packed in a blister, which was in a shrink wrap paper. The first look is ok, even though I noticed straight away that some macarons were wet, melted and / or broken.

          Ma-ka-rohn unboxing

          Upon opening the shrink wrap paper, I noticed the characteristic smell of thawing. Makarohn most likely ship their macarons frozen, and they thaw during transit. Not great for freshness.

          The melted aspect of the macarons from Makarohn come from the fact they use buttercream for their ganache. They probably use too much butter.

          Makarohn unboxing review

          It creates two issues: It alters the taste of the macaron, and it melts easily in transit.

            • Quality and taste test

          Makarohn taste test review

          Do you know what is a good macaron quality? The texture should be crunchy outside and chewy inside. This balance is made by the filling that spread into hard shells, creating the signature taste of a macaron.

          Here at Makarohn, the texture is a bit off. Most likely due to thawing, the outer shells lost its crunch. The result is a chewy feel, closer to a cake than an authentic macaron.

          The filling is really too buttery. Therefore, most flavors melted, and few macarons tasted the same.

          Makarohn review

          Not that the macarons feet and shells were good quality. What we call "hollow" macarons happen when air bubble are trapped in the macaron batter. This didn't occur here, which means bakers at Makarohn have experience in baking macarons.

            • Conclusion

          Makarohn is pretty popular online with a strong presence on social networks paid ads. Shells were good quality, but the choice of buttery filling really mess with flavor.

          Also, their choice to ship frozen and letting the macarons thaw during transit is a no-go to me. There is characteristic smell and feel when it comes to eat thawed products.

          There is no way to know when the macarons were made (it could be months). When you purchase expensive pastries online, you expect a fresh product.

          • Dana's bakery

          Dana's bakery full review

          Dana's bakery is a famous bakery in New York. They have a pop up store in Dylan's candy bar, but their warehouse is located in New Jersey.

          Dana Loia is identified and VERY present online. She likes to share pictures of her and family through the bakery socials. I like having a head of company and baker well identified, that inspire trust.

          Note that Dana's bakery also sell other pastries such as cookies. But are the macarons from Dana's bakery any good? Let's find out.

          I ordered from their website and documented every step.

            • Unboxing

          The order process was pretty smooth on the website. The macarons are overpriced compared to the industry average. $33 for 12 macarons, and a shipping fee minimum of $18. No free shipping. For twelve macarons, total is $51. Even more expensive that the iconic Ladurée. Ouch!

          Dana's bakery review and unboxing

          Dana's bakery ship their packages with UPS 2nd day air. I ordered on Sunday Aug. 22rd and received the package on Friday Aug. 27th, which is 5 days. I was expecting it 2 days earlier, considering the high fee of shipping and what was advertised on their website.

          Inside the box, there was a pouch that was not insulated nor protected. Insulated pouches have a metal layer, which wasn't the case here.

          Is Dana's bakery the best macaron online?

          The blister of Dana's bakery is pretty sturdy, and the packaging is good. It also includes two cards with the macaron flavor menu and the macaron of the month.

          I noticed straight away an issue: Like Makarohn, the filling has melted and macaron shells were wet.

          Dana's bakery macarons review

          As you can see on those pictures, the shells were very wet. It caused the outer shell to crack and peel off. I have to admit it's not appealing.

          Dana's bakery review

          The shells were sticky to my fingers and filling melted in the blister. This is sadly a common issue for bakeries that uses too much butter in their filling. There is an easy alternative that we spoke earlier on this review: Ganache.

          Ganache uses white chocolate instead of butter. It does not alter taste, it is less fat, and it ships way better. As an example, when you go to the supermarket, butter is in the refrigerated section. Chocolate is in the dry section. That pretty much says it all.

            • Quality and taste test

          Let's have a look of the intrinsic quality and taste of Dana's bakery macarons.

          Dana's bakery macarons quality test

          Do you know what is a hollow macaron? It happens when air bubbles stay trapped in the macaron batter. When you bake shells with air bubbles, it creates air gaps inside the shells, creating weak macarons that will easily crack.

          That is sadly what happened here. Do you see the air gap between the base of the top shell, and its top? There is a huge air gap that was most likely caused by air bubbles.

          Now there is an easy way to prevent that. Tap your pan sheets several times on the table, right after piping your macaron batter (Virtual Macaron Class schedule here).

          This shows that the macarons I received from Dana's did not meet the basic quality requirements for a macaron. This hollow macaron issue is very common in the industry. Most experienced bakers know how to avoid hollow macarons.

          Dana's bakery quality test

          We also talked about the "wet" shells earlier. When macarons are packed and sealed, like it was with Dana's bakery packaging, water can only come from inside.

          I think Dana's bakery ships frozen macarons, just like Makarohn. On a business perspective, I understand why they do that: Mass production, freeze the products and ship when there is an order.

          But on a customer perspective, you don't get the freshest products. In addition, you also get wet macarons due to the thawing process during transit.

          Note that each shell was perfectly round, and its macarons feet were good. While most flavors I ordered are too buttery, some like Smores and café mocha were good.

            • My conclusion

            Dana's bakery is clearly overpriced compared to the macaron industry. Even most iconic bakeries like Ladurée is less pricey. Shipping is also excessive. Considering the price, you would expect a faultless experience.

            Not only the macarons were average, they were shipped frozen. Getting wet and melted macarons at this cost is not acceptable to me.

            • Chelles macarons

            Chelles macarons review

            Who is Chelles macarons? It is a Dallas based bakery that sells macarons. While I couldn't find any name or picture of the bakers on their website, the place is legit with pick up locations in Texas.

            Chelles recently extended their offer to Macaron Delivery Service. I ordered directly from their website. I detail my experience throughout the process, and will proceed to unboxing, taste test and quality test of Chelles macarons.

              • Chelles macarons unboxing

            First, their website is not really optimized for online orders. It was more focused on Pick up and information on how to pick up, rather than ordering macarons online.

            The process to order was okay, but not smooth. For example, I couldn't see what the flavors I picked looked like. That can be an issue if I want to pick specific colors for an event.

            There was only one shipping option at $7.99 for 2-3 business days delivery, which is fair. But no free shipping over a certain amount.

            Let's look at the timeline of my order: Ordered on 8/22, Shipped on 8/23, received on 8/27. I received my order in 5 days, which is longer that the 2-3 days advertised on their website.

            Now let's have a look at the package I received from Chelles macarons.

            Chelles macarons review study

            The package shipped with USPS Priority mail.

            It was not identified nor branded. There was no sticker saying "Perishable" or "Refrigerate". That's an issue, because there is no way to see from outside that this package has to be treated differently upon delivery.

            The first thing you see when you open the carton is the Chelles macaron box. It's sturdy and well made. But no insulated pouch: Macarons should transit in an insulated pouch or anything that helps against temperature variation.

            Chelles Macarons unboxing

            The ice pack useless to me (you already know why if you have read my macaron reviews :). Especially when used without an insulated pouch, and placed at the bottom of the carton box like it was here.

            I could tell with these details that Chelles macarons is new to shipping. I always mention in my reviews that selling macarons through a Brick-and-mortar store is a different business than a macaron delivery service.

            Chelles macarons unboxing

            The gift box is sturdy and includes a blister to protect the macarons. After a closer look at the macarons, I found the same issues of the previous bakeries mentioned: Wet and melted.

            Chelles macarons unboxing

            Here it's even easier to analyze. Do you see those water drops? It comes from thawing. Meaning the macarons were shipped frozen and not fresh.

            You can also see that some shells were wet from the water released from thawing.

              • Chelles macarons quality & taste test

            Chelles macarons unboxing

            About half the macarons were wet which alter texture.

            Chelles macarons quality and taste test

            Colors of the macarons were great. Each was easily identifiable with the macaron flavor menu. I didn't find any hollow macaron as well. This means that the baker is experienced.

            You know it by now, I'm not a fan of buttercream. I don't quite understand why almost every bakery I review uses this much butter in their filling. It can easily melt in transit, it is fat, and most of all it messes up the macaron flavor.

            The taste test was better than Dana's bakery and Makarohn. The balance of texture was better handled, and some flavors were actually good, like the Raspberry Rose and the chocolate macaron.

              • My conclusion

            Chelles macarons seems a decent bakery. I would still advise to pick up in Dallas, Texas rather than order as a macaron delivery service nationwide. I think their macarons are great if not shipped.

            Sadly Chelles followed the majority in the industry that ship frozen macarons with too buttery filling. The result: Wet shells and melted filling. It doesn't have to be this way. 

            • Macaron bar

            Macaron Bar review

            Who is Macaron Bar? It's a macaron bakery that was created by Nathan Sivitz. His background is legit and there are pick up locations in Ohio.

            Like Chelles, Macaron Bar is fairly new to macaron delivery service. They were focused on selling at pick up locations, and giving macaron classes as well.

            As I did with the previous bakeries, I ordered from Macaron Bar and proceeded with unboxing, quality test and taste test. The idea is to give you my insights, so you can decide if Macaron Bar is a good fit for you.

              • Unboxing

            The ordering process is ok. I could tell that the website is oriented as showcase and pick up, like Chelles.

            Selecting your macaron flavors is a bit complicated, and you can't see what you pick, which can be a bummer if you need only specific colors for an event.

            You can select a "ship by" date, for later delivery which is great.

            Prices are fair, $39 for 12 macarons, including shipping. Note that if you order two 12 macarons sets, the cost per macaron stay the same, and since shipping is included already, it feels like you'd pay twice for shipping.

            Example: $39 for 12 macarons including shipping is average compared to the industry. But not $78 for 24 macarons. At Pastreez, 24 macarons are $49 + $9.90 shipping, total $58.90. That's a $20 difference.

            The shipping carrier they use is USPS. I received my package two days after ordering which is great.

            Macaron Bar: Is it the best macaron delivery service

            The first aspect of the outside box: It was poorly done. The carton box used is the free one that USPS gives away at the post office. Since it's a USPS branded box, it looks cheap and with no Macaron Bar branding.

            Then, I noticed the shipping label was actually not a label. A single sheet of paper not even cut straight. There was also no "Perishable" or "Refrigerate" sticker to help me identify the package.

            It really looked really unprofessional. That confirms their lack of experience in Macaron Delivery Service and shipping.

            Inside the box, same feeling. Instead of Air cushions used by many in the industry for its shock absorption feature, here Macaron Bar used "peanuts" starch packing material. The same ones you use when you move out your apartment. Again, it does not look professional.

            Macaron bar unboxing

            The macarons were simply wrapped with bubble wrap, and an ice pack was at the bottom of the carton box. The macarons were not even in an insulated pouch, so ice packs are even more useless than usual, and my treats suffered temperature variation during transit, which is never a good sign.

            Macaron bar full unboxing

            There are two cards inside: One a gift note, and the other is the macaron flavor menu.

            The first look at the macarons blister is a disaster. If this wasn't for a review, I would have ask for a refund immediately.

            I really wanted to like these, but sadly everything went poorly with Macaron Bar. Let's take a closer look at those macarons.

            Macaron Bar review

            I have a few things to analyze. Every single macaron was damaged. And this is due to two main reasons: Poor packaging and weak macaron shells.

            I previously mentioned how I felt the packaging was poorly made. My gut feeling was right on this one. The packing materials used and the way it was done had caused the macarons to be hardly broken upon delivery.

              • Quality & taste test

            In addition, the macaron shells were weak and hollow. An experienced baker would not have hollow macarons shipped to their customers.

            Since it is a very common issue with a simple fix, I'm really disappointed that Macaron Bar would ship those to me.

            Macaron bar full review

            Okay so all my macarons were damaged. But sadly that's not it. Few were also melted. Another common issue: Too much butter used in their filling recipe.

            Macaron Bar quality test

            I will be honest, it was hard for me to try these as they weren't appealing at all. But I did for the sake of this review!

            Some macarons were dry, and some were melted. Remember, an authentic macaron texture is crunchy outside and chewy inside.

            Out of all these macarons, few had an "ok" taste, such as Red Velvet or coconut. I had a hard time finding out which is what, because the macaron flavor menu wasn't precise.

            Colors of the macarons were good, and roundness too. I couldn't really check on the macaron feet due to its condition.

              • My conclusion

            I really wanted to say good things about Macaron Bar. Spreading the love of this authentic French pastry is great. But sadly my opinion is clear: Avoid Macaron Bar as a macaron delivery service for now.

            I can't comment on the pick up option. But their lack of experience in shipping, and the weakness of the macaron shells will most likely be an issue for a while.

            • Macaron Queen

            Macaron Queen

            Last but not least: Macaron Queen.

            Who is the Macaron Queen? This bakery was created by Finia Jahangard, and featured on CNBC show called The Profit by Marcus Lemonis.

            The place is legit and located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company took a turn after the show and focused on wholesale rather than selling direct to customers.

              • Unboxing

            As always in my macaron reviews, I ordered the same way you would through the bakery website.

            The website is good, and you can pick among over 90 different macaron sets. Note that you can't pick specific flavor and build your own set.

            I also noticed a "store locator" where retailers sell Macaron Queen macarons. This way, you can find "retailers" throughout the country.

            On a business perspective, that's a great point, but as a customer, it means you will get less fresh macarons if you order from one of her retailer.

            I strongly recommend you to always order straight to the source to get the freshest macarons.

            Macarons from Macaron Queen are slightly overpriced compared to the industry average: $2.70 each macaron compared to $2.10.

            Shipping cost is great with $7.99 Fedex 2-day delivery, or $17 overnight. There is also Free shipping over $75.

            The macarons were received three days after I ordered, which is a great delivery timeline.

            Macaron Queen unboxing

            My first contact with the package is mixed. It looks slightly amateurish. Unlike Pastreez, Dana's bakery and Makarohn, Macaron Queen does not have a lot of experience at shipping their products.

            I could tell straight away, because the shipping label was simple sheet of paper taped to the box, and the absence of branding.

            The presence of the large stickers "Refrigerate" and "Fragile" is a great point.

            Macaron Queen unboxing

            The box contained two cards, an invoice, an ice pack, and a "Tempguard" cushion. This is a great option, but I would have added air cushion and also an insulated sealed pouch for the macarons.

            Macaron Queen unboxing

             The macarons were nicely packaged and sealed with shrink wrap, just like Makarohn.

            Macaron Queen unboxing

            Sadly, 5 out of 10 macarons were melted and wet. You know the drill: Too buttery filling. The butter have "sweat" out of the the filling and stick to the blister.

              • Quality test and taste test

            Macaron Queen review

            In addition, few macarons were cracked and damaged.

            Macarons weakness usually come with hollow shells. The air bubbles in the batter stay there until baked, and create air gaps in the shell. Only 3 macarons were hollow though, but it still worth mentioning.

            The texture of Macarons Queen macarons was good. The upper shell was slightly fragile, thin and break too easily. 

            Colors was also good. Same with roundness of the shells. From my experience, these were mass produced with a macaron depositor machine. This is the only way to get exact same shape macarons.

            The macarons feet were also okay. Size is slightly bigger than the average Parisian authentic macaron.

            The buttery filling altered flavors: Most macarons were very similar in taste. Lemon and Cappuccino were great and stand out.

              • My conclusion

            Macaron Queen is a fair option when it comes to get macarons delivered nationwide. I would still recommend to order elsewhere because their lack of experience in shipping may be an issue.

            In my case, I had few melted and broken macarons, but you might not be as lucky.

            • Best macaron delivery service: Summary

            I ordered and reviewed Pastreez, Makarohn, Dana's bakery, Chelles macarons, Macaron Bar and Macaron Queen. 

            I can divide the bakeries in two categories: Those who have experience as macaron delivery service, and those who don't.

            Except Pastreez, every bakery I reviewed uses way too much butter in their filling, which causes the macarons to melt in transit.

            Also, most bakeries ship frozen macarons that thaw during transit. When you pay hard price for macarons, I would recommend to order quality and freshness.

            I hope this macaron comparison review will help you in your purchase decision!

            Today only, we have 7 macarons Free for any order over $42. Don't wait and redeem below!

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