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Planning an Event ?

Lots of customers want macarons to plan a Party. At Pastreez we make it easy for you to plan in advance.

Just add your Event Date as a Note at Checkout. We'll ship your Macarons Fresh Accordingly 👍You'll get them few days before D Day ! 

Shipping and Delivery 🚚

Where are your macarons shipped?

We ship nationwide at a flat rate.

How long does it take for macaron delivery?

We are proud to be the FASTEST on the market. The current average delivery time is 3 to 5 business days. It can take up to 7 business days.

I'm a subscriber. I want exceptionally to be delivered earlier the next month. Is it possible ?

Yes it is. You can edit the next charge date on your account panel. Your box will ship soon after that date.

Why do you not put ice packs in your package ?

Our macarons are Dairy-Free. They are less perishable than classic macarons with butter and cream. They are perfectly fine to transit without ice packs for a couple of days. Make sure to put them in the fridge when you receive them.

Most of the macarons are broken upon arrival.

We take all the precautions into our packaging to minimize damage. But macarons are very delicate treats. Small cracks may occur. If you notice most of macarons lose their shapes, please send a picture. We require pictures of the external shipping box and the damaged product. We'll contact you asap regarding this matter to find a solution.

Freshness and Storage

What are the ingredients of your (amazing) macarons ?

Eggs white, almond powder, sugar and icing sugar. We also add a tiny quantity of food coloring. All our ingredients are gluten-free and dairy-free.

How many calories in one macaron ?

We do not use any fat like classic bakery macaron. No cream or butter. We are happy to be healthier than other macarons you can find out there. Each macaron is under 50 calories each.

Are your Macarons frozen ?

No. We make macarons fresh every day, and ship from our kitchen to your door. We do not have any frozen product. All our treats are fresh !

Subscriptions Details

Why a Subscription Box ?

We all deserves a monthly treat ! The Monthly Box is a way to pay less, and enjoy more. You can customize your own box every month through your account panel.

How to modify my subscription ?

Just log into your customer portal. Click on the icon on the top right corner, enter your email and password. You can handle everything here : Skip a month, cancel your subscription, change your frequency.

How to cancel my subscription ?

There is no obligation, no minimum months to pay. You cancel anytime. To do so, log in to your customer panel. Simply click on "cancel my subscription" link. We'll be sad to see you go !

Our kitchen bakes upon order. Once the new order is placed, no refund can be done. Canceling will successfully end billing cycle, and your last box will ship.

What flavors every month ?

New seasonal flavors monthly. That way you will have surprise flavors at your chosen frequency 😋We have specific flavors for summer, winter, etc.

Do you Froze your macarons ?

Never. We make your treats upon orders. None of the macarons we ship is frozen. They are all made upon your order arrive to the kitchen. Freshly made from our kitchen to your door.

Returns and Refund

As macarons are delicate treats, some damages may occur in the transit with our carrier. Small cracks are considered normal. If multiple macarons loses their shapes and looks really hardly broken, let us know. Send us a photo and we will take care of your replacement if necessary.

We do not accept returns. All orders are non refundable. Our Macarons ship fresh and safe for one way to your door. We can't accept the treats in return due to consumption limitation.

If something wrong, please chat with us! We'll always happy to help.

Still have a question ? Ask live help on the desk or contact us here. You can also mail us to :

PO BOX 293804
PHELAN 92371, CA