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We are dedicated !

Our storyI'm Anthony, co-founder of pastreez. I'm crazy about macarons for a very long time. But my soulmate is allergic to dairy products. How am I supposed to make her try my beautiful macarons 😭😭

So I tried to find dairy-free macarons in Paris. Not. Any. Around. That's how I got the idea 💡 Making french macarons with jam, and not cream and butter. That way there is not a trace of dairy products. We practiced daily besides our everyday jobs.

That's how all began !  Confident with our idea, we left our comfortable jobs in the Indian Ocean where we were living at this time. We left everything. Friends. Careers. Apartment. And our pretty good salaries.

Even if we had experience in baking macarons, we wanted to push it to the next level : We studied at the best french pastry school : Le Cordon Bleu Paris

So we moved to Paris, and learned for months at this prestigious school. When we got the precious certificate, we moved to California to find the best jam producers in the world. To fulfill our dream, we lived in 3 different countries in 2 years.

We are fond of what we do.  All our macarons are baked with our very special ingredient : Love 💝

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