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Macarons or Macaroons ?

Both are cookies. Both spelling similar. But so different in reality. In this blog spot we decided to zoom into the difference between Macarons and Macaroons. You won't be able to mistake anymore ! 1- Origins 🇫🇷🇮🇹🇺🇸 Macarons were bring from Italy to France 🇫🇷 by the Chef of Catherine de Medicis, when she married the french King. Macaron is a french word, which comes from Italian word "Macaroni". At the beginning, it was a dry cookie without filling. Only when it arrived to France they started to upgrade macarons and became the "sandwich cookie" that we know today. Macaroon is an English derivation of the french word "Macaron". The most popular story of this treat is an American twist of french macaron. Thanks to Indian...

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5 reasons to go dairy-free

50 millions of American are dairy-free. What are the most reasons to go dairy-free ? In our story I explained why our macarons are actually dairy-free. I analyzed the top 5 reasons to go dairy-free. 1 - We don't need dairy products The first and main reason : Our body does not need to eat dairy products. And it's all proven scientifically. When we are baby, we need our mother milk, like all mammals. But only when we are very young. In fact, when humans are at young age, we produce an enzyme necessary to digest the milk. But adults normally don't secrete it. If we do, it is because of a small genetic mutation. That's why there is so many people that can't eat lactose. Because...

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5 tips for baking macarons

Hi macarons lovers 😇 😇 I'm Anthony, founder of pastreez and chef at Cordon Bleu Paris. From Paris to California, my wife and I have baked around the world. We wanted to share with you the 5 best practices to bake these amazing french pastries ! 1-The finest possible 👌 You probably know the ingredients for macarons. What is more tricky is that almond powder and icing sugar needs to be the finest possible. 12x icing sugar is the best, and white almond powder is better. Stop mixing when your paste is brillant and fluid, like here. 2-Use a silicon mold Making perfectly round macarons is very touchy. That's why we advise to use silicon molds. We tried baking paper and silicon...

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