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How to store macarons? How long do macarons last?

How to store macarons?

How to Store Macarons

Everyone loves Macarons! Velvety and sweet on the inside, crunchy and delicate on the outside, nothing compares to the bliss of taking a bite into a deliciously fresh macaron. Understandably, you may have leftovers and it is not one of the foods you would want to throw into the bin.

So, how do you store it and maintain its freshness until you want to eat it again? This post provides a comprehensive guide on how to store your macarons to keep them fresh for longer.

What are macarons and what are they made of?

To understand how to store your macarons, it is important to know what they are and the ingredients used in making them.

That will inform the best way for their storage. For a start, macarons are French desserts and are made of almond flour or grounded almonds, egg white, and sugar, all whipped into a meringue-like consistency.

Each piece has a filling in-between two shells and the common ingredients used for the filling include chocolate fondue, cream cheese, and fruit purées.

A lot of our first time customers ask what macarons taste like. It is moist and quickly melts when you pop it into your mouth. Fresh macarons are crispy on the outside and the inside tastes soft and delicious.

How long do macarons last?

How to store macarons

Truth be told, macarons do not have a very long shelf life. When left at room temperature, it can easily spoil and become a waste.

That is why it is recommended that you consume any leftover pieces in the pantry within 24 hours. Also, macarons are not a great choice of desserts for your garden party.

That is because they can melt easily when you expose them to high temperatures, especially the ones made with chocolate buttercream filling.

If you have any unused macarons, you can store them in the refrigerator. When stored this way, they can stay fresh for up to four days. If left longer, they become flaky and lose their freshness.

However, the best way to store them is to put them in the freezer. Frozen macarons, like biscuits, can last up to three months without losing their freshness.

You can bring them out whenever you need them and thaw the frozen pieces for about thirty minutes before you eat them.

How Do I Store Store-bought Macarons?

Refrigerate macarons

Not everybody has the time for kitchen-time and thankfully, you can buy your macarons off the shelf without dabbling with ingredients and the oven.

So, how do you store your store-bought desserts and maintain their freshness? Here are some tips to help:

  • Store them in an airtight container. A glass or plastic container should work but make sure it is clean and dry. Also, check to see that the lid is airtight because when air gets into the macarons, they become soggy. If you cannot find glass or plastic containers, you can use plastic zip-lock bags. You have to be cautious though, because these pastries easily crumble. Therefore, choose a container with a hardcover.
  • Do not let them overlap. When storing your macarons in the container, ensure that you layer or line them up carefully without them overlapping. When they overlap, they will press on each other and crumble.
  • If you do not refrigerate your macarons, make sure you eat them up within 24 hours. Keep them in an airtight container and put the container in the pantry and not under direct sunlight. If you want the macarons to last longer, put them in the refrigerator and you can make them last up to three days. When placing the container in the fridge, make sure you push it to the middle and not close to the door of the fridge. That will ensure that the temperature fluctuation around the fridge door does not affect it.
  • If you want your macarons to last longer, freeze them up and you can have them last as long as three to six months. Within the first three months, they maintain their freshness and texture but after that, the quality begins to reduce but they will still taste good for up to six months.

How Do I Store Home-baked Macarons?

If baking is your thing or you prefer making everything that goes into your mouth, then you have probably tried your hands on home-baked macarons.

Baking is exciting as it allows you to be creative. So, if you have made batches of delicious home-baked macarons and you are wondering how to store them, do not fret. Here are some tips to help you store and preserve your delicious macarons:

  • Leave out the Macaron shells and let them cool off. After pulling out the shells from the oven, allow the shells to cool down for some minutes before adding the filling. Filling them before they cool can cause the shell to crack, or they may lose their crunchiness. Remember that they are fragile; therefore, handle them carefully when you bring them out of the oven.
  • Once cooled, fill up the shells completely with any filling of your choice, including fruit jams, ganache, cream cheese, or fondue, among others. You can also freeze the macarons' shells and fill them later.
  • When you are done with filling the macarons, put them carefully in an airtight container and close them tightly. You can leave them on the counter or in the pantry if you plan to eat them within the next 24 hours or refrigerate them for up to three days. If you have made a large batch that you would want to keep for longer, store them in a container and put the container in the freezer. This will last up to six months.

How Do I use Frozen Unfilled Macarons Shells?

As stated above, you can freeze unfilled macarons for three to six months. The unfilled shells are also called meringues. When left in the freezer, they remain fresh for longer. When you are ready to use them, pull them out of the freezer and leave them to defrost for about 45 minutes.

After that, assemble them on a tray and fill them up with fillings of your choice. That is all! You can now serve your exquisite macarons. Home-made macarons are best stored unfilled to retain their freshness and crispiness.

What are the Wrong Methods of Storing Macarons?

It is possible that you have been storing your macarons the wrong way and that is why they do not last long.

Since we have looked at the right and best ways to store your macarons, it is expedient to look at how not to store them. Here are the wrong methods you may have been using to store your macarons:

  • Storing them in plastic bags. Plastic bags are known to retain moisture and this causes macarons to get all mushy and soft. If you store your macarons this way, the crispy, delicate shells become prone to breaking.
  • Using wax paper when storing macarons in layers. If you have abundant quantity to store, use parchment paper instead of wax paper for layering. When you use wax paper, the cookies will stick to the paper and when you try to remove them, they pull apart, messing up your precious cookies.
  • Storing macarons in the refrigerator without placing them in an airtight container. Do not get tempted to put a plate of macarons in the fridge. If you do, the delicate and crispy texture of the shells will absorb the smell of other items in the fridge and ruin its flavor. Instead, put them in an airtight container before you refrigerate them.

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