💪🎅 Christmas 48-Pack
💪🎅 Christmas 48-Pack
💪🎅 Christmas 48-Pack
💪🎅 Christmas 48-Pack
💪🎅 Christmas 48-Pack
💪🎅 Christmas 48-Pack
💪🎅 Christmas 48-Pack

💪🎅 Christmas 48-Pack

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This Pack contains 48 delicious handmade macarons. The best set to try our 12 Flavors 😍 including the Christmas Limited FlavorsWe bring up to you melt-in-your-mouth treats.

The 48 Macarons Pack includes :

  • 4 x Raspberry Christmas Limited
  • 4 x Chocolate Pear Christmas Limited
  • 4 x Blackberry
  • 4 x Guava
  • 4 x Apricot
  • 4 x Strawberry
  • 4 x Cherry
  • 4 x Lime Mint
  • 4 x Pickle Pear
  • 4 x Lytchee Rose
  • 4 x Orange Ginger
  • 4 x Blueberry


Gluten-free & Dairy-free.
Diameter 3.8 cm (1.5 in). Under 50 calories.

 Diameter macaron 3,8cm or 1.5in      Dairy Free Macarons   


Our Mission

Have you ever noticed how expensive macarons are in bakeries ?

We aim to provide quality macarons at affordable price.

We studied at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, and practiced years in France. All our treats are handmade in California by our french chefs 🇫🇷 😊


Freshness and Storage

We ship what we freshly baked. Our macarons come straight from our kitchen to your door.
The treats are packaged in a custom gift box. It keeps them safe and fresh for up to two weeks when stored in the fridge.

Take your macarons out of fridge 10 - 20 minutes prior to serving 👌 They will be perfect !


Shipping and Delivery

Available for nationwide shipping at a flat rate in 1-4 business days. Macarons are very delicate treats. We place ice packs in the package to make sure your macarons arrive safe 😊

If the ice packs are no longer cold when you receive it, no worries ! They are here to keep the macarons cold during transit.


Any question ? Click on the chat button. Don't be shy 😉

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