New! Passion Fruit Macarons

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48 macarons
48 macarons
48 macarons
48 macarons
48 macarons
48 macarons
48 macarons
48 macarons

48 macarons

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Delicious macarons near me, delivered in the entire United States. These are handcrafted by French chefs in California.

The variety set includes popular flavors like Pistachio, Chocolate and more. This set gets Free shipping.
Handmade by French chefs
Handmade by French chefs
Made in California
Made in California
Ship fresh in the US
Ship fresh in the US
Free shipping over $49
Free shipping over $49

Delicious macarons near me, delivered in the entire United States. Handcrafted by French chefs in California, this set includes:

  • 48 x macarons
  • Handmade. Gluten free. Size 1.7 in.
  • Free shipping on $59+ orders
  • Safely packaged to transit fresh nationwide
  • 7 business days delivery (expedite available)
  • 100% Freshness Guarantee

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New! Yellow color, homemade passion fruit filling.
Passion Fruit
New Summer flavor! Homemade California Orange ganache, orange shells.
Cali Orange
New Summer flavor! Homemade coconut ganache, brown shells with shredded coconut.
New! Light purple color, purple brush, homemade violet flower / blueberry filling.
Green color, homemade pistachio filling.
Light brown & dark brown color, salted caramel filling.
Salted Caramel
Purple shell, homemade Cherry filling.
Pastel purple, lavender flower & Crème brûlée filling.
Lavender Crème Brûlée
Ivory white color, vanilla filling.
Deep pink color, strawberry filling.
Pastel pink color, rose flower & filling.
New! Light baby blue color, almond ganache filling.
Almond Pastel Blue
New! Baby blue color, honey ganache filling.
Honey Baby Blue
Royal dark blue color, homemade blueberry filling.
Heart shaped, Deep red color, raspberry filling.
Heart Raspberry
Dark brown color, chocolate filling.
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