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Why are macarons so expensive?

Why are macarons so expensive

Why are macarons so expensive?

Macarons are expensive because of the process and time to make them. The traditional macaron recipe is really hard to master.

The process, timeline, and technique to make macarons is tricky. That's why they are expensive.

As an example, at Pastreez we take about 2 full days to prepare, pipe macaron batter, let it dry, bake, cool down, add the ganache filling, then ship it fresh to your door.

But with some practice and our help, you should be able to make macarons at home!

Let's have a look at other aspects to help you understand why macarons are pricey.

Macarons are an iconic French treat

Macarons are iconic

Macarons are very, very old. It is one of the most iconic French dessert, because it was passed on generations.

It was created back in the 1800s, when Catherine de Médicis married the French king.

On her trip from Italy to France, she brought with her the "macaroni" recipe, which is the shells of todays' macaron.

But the macaron became how we know it today thanks to the French king's chef.

Macaronis shells are dry, almond based cookie. He decided to add a smooth filling between two shells: The macaron was born!

Ladurée is one of the most iconic macaron brands in Paris. But did you know, that they make them in bulk, freeze them, and ship it to their stores?

If you're looking for the best macarons delivery in the US, you should make sure to select authentic ones that ship fresh, not frozen.

Are macarons ingredients expensive?

Are macarons ingredients expensive?

No, macarons ingredients are not expensive. In fact, we use only almond flour, sugar, egg white, fruit purée and chocolate to make macarons.

Almond flour is $4 per pound. Sugar is $1 per pound. Fruit purée depends on which fruit obviously, but it's affordable. Same for the chocolate.

In my quest to find the best macaron delivery in the US, I ordered from each online bakery.

In average, a macaron is sold at $2.10 per piece. Yes, it is expensive. But it is worth it to make a great impression for a gift, or for a party.

And for this expensive price, you need to make sure you get the best ones.

In my study on macaron pricing, I found that price and quality does not always come hand in hand.

Some bakeries freeze their macarons for months before shipping it to you, but still charge you the high price for fresh items.

At Pastreez, we understand how difficult it is to find real macarons here in the US.

Our pricing is fair considering all our macarons are handcrafted by French chefs and ship fresh to your door.

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