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Best macaron flavors


by Anthony · Updated Jan 25, 2024 · 5 min read

Macaron flavors
Salted caramel One of the most popular macaron flavors. Slightly sweet with a pinch of salt.
Chocolate A classic Parisian macaron. Made with premium chocolate.
Cherry Only available in Spring season for Cherry Blossom. This flavor is one of the most refreshing ones.
Blue macaron Ideal for Baby Showers and Weddings. The Royal Blue color shells, filled with Blueberry ganache, will fit perfectly on your table.
Coconut Perfect for summer times. Its coconut cream filling will delight your taste buds
Heart shaped Raspberry If you wish to send love to your family and friends, this macaron is a no brainer. The one we have on the menu is a Heart Shaped Macaron.
Turquoise This bright blue macaron is a variation of Blueberry. Most customers use it for baby showers and build an ombre macaron set. Flavor: Mix berries.
Pistachio A classic flavor made with real Pistachio. Definitely idael for green macarons. Available all year long on the menu.
Halloween Deep orange macaron, filled with Pumpkin Cheesecake ganache. Perfect for Halloween and Fall season.
Ube (Purple) Ube is a bright Purple Yam. Its color is unique. Another variation is the Violet macaron.
Rose Rose flower flavored macarons are delightful. The light pink color makes it perfect for any event.
Strawberry This bright pink macaron is a Parisian classic. Ideal for events or to eat at home as dessert.
Tiramisu If you like coffee, you will love this Tiramisu macaron. Made with coffee beans, dark chocolate and milk.
Galaxy Strawberry cheesecake macarons: Galaxy colored shell and Strawberry cheesecake ganache. Available from Fall to Spring while supply lasts.
Lime or Lemon Lime or Lemon macaron is usually a summer flavor made of green and yellow bicolor shells, and a smooth fruity ganache.
Vanilla Lastly, this Madagascar Vanilla macaron is available all year long on the menu.

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Before to detail the most popular macaron flavors, it is important to understand what is a macaron. This video also share how it should taste like!

Salted caramel macarons

Salted caramel macarons

Salted caramel is probably the most popular macaron flavor. The filling is sweet, due to the caramel. The pinch of salt add this slight punch that will wake up your taste buds.

At Pastreez we decided to match the filling with a brown and cream colors, creating this bicolor macaron aspect.

Chocolate macarons

Chocolate macarons

Chocolate is also a classic macaron flavor. It is filled with a chocolate ganache, that we carefully handcraft with premium chocolate chips. The shells are also dark brown colored to match this tasty filling.

The result? A best seller flavor for years!

Cherry macarons

Cherry macarons

Cherry is a seasonal macaron flavor that we usually bring in Spring. It's very refreshing and right in time when the temperature starts to warm up.

The ganache is made with Cherry fruit purée and white chocolate, all handmade by our French chefs in California.

The color of its shells are a light burgundy color.

Blue macarons (blueberry)

Blue macarons

Blue macarons are hard to find. It's simply because there are not much blue fruits or food out there. There is one fruit that fits perfectly though: Blueberry.

This royal blue macaron color are perfect for baby showers. The filling is made with blueberry fruit purée.

Coconut macarons

Coconut macarons


One of my favorite. Coconut macarons are perfect for summer time, as it reminds us vacation. The filling is a sweet and smooth coconut ganache.

We also added to the brown shells real coconut crumbs, for more authenticity.

Heart shaped Raspberry macarons

    Heart shaped raspberry macarons

    Heart shaped macarons are a must if you want to send love to friends and family. This deep red Raspberry flavor is a classic and never leaves our menu.

    Turquoise macarons (Mix berries)

      Turquoise macarons

      These are also very popular for baby showers and weddings. These vibrant turquoise blue macarons are exquisite. The filling is made by mixing different Berries fruit purées. It ships fresh nationwide.

      Pistachio macarons

      Pistachio macarons

      With Chocolate, Pistachio is a classic macaron flavor. It was in the menu since we started in 2017, and will be for a while.

      It is filled with handmade Pistachio paste made with real Pistachio. We also add Pistachio crumbs on the shells.

      Halloween macarons (Pumpkin cheesecake)

        Halloween macarons

        Halloween macarons are filled with Pumpkin Cheesecake handmade ganache. The shells are a deep orange that would match perfectly for either Thanksgiving or Halloween.

        Ube macarons (Purple)

        Ube macarons

        Do you know what is Ube? It's a bright purple yam that has a sweet taste. It comes from the Philippines, and is mostly used in the food industry to flavor and color dishes.

        Here, Ube macaron is made with handcrafted filling ganache. We were able to match its color on the shells, which makes it a perfect Purple Macaron flavor.

        This flavor is not always on the menu due to seasonality.

        Rose macarons

        Rose macarons

        Tches diameter, which is slightly bigger than average.

        Strawberry macarons

        Strawberry macarons

        These bright pink Strawberry macarons are another great addition to your baby shower. The filling is made with premium white chocolate and Strawberry fruit purée.

        It is available all year long on our menu.

        Tiramisu macarons

        Tiramisu macarons

        Our Tiramisu macaron is made with coffee beans, dark chocolate and cream. It creates this perfect balance of texture in mouth, ideal to eat as dessert.

        The shells are with no food coloring. They came up a cream color that matches perfectly with the dark brown Tiramisu filling.

        Galaxy macarons (Strawberry cheesecake)

        Galaxy macarons

        These galaxy Strawberry cheesecake macarons are our latest creation. Available from Fall to Spring, only in small batches and while supply lasts.

        The shells are a beautiful multi colored shells. The filling is a cheesecake ganache with a center of Strawberry fruit purée. It's one of our best seller macaron flavors.

        Lime or Lemon macarons

        Lime or Lemon macarons

        A really refreshing flavor, especially during summer times. We usually make these lime / lemon macarons with green and yellow bicolor shells. The filling? A smooth ganache made with fruit purée.

        Vanilla macarons

        Vanilla macarons

        Last but not least, Vanilla macaron. Such as Pistachio and Chocolate, it's a classic Parisian macaron flavor.

        Shells are naturally colored (no food coloring). The filling is a ganache based with no butter. Ingredients are: Premium white chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla beans and milk.

        That's it! Making authentic macarons is not easy. In fact, I have reviewed the best macaron delivery service to help you choose which to order from. Make sure to check this review and unboxing (with pictures) before to order.


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          @genesys thank you it means a lot! Our menu is updated weekly, with new seasonal flavors.

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          you have good macarons

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