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Woops macarons review (2024 update)


by Anthony · Updated Jan 26, 2024 · 12 min read

Woops macarons review
Price A Woops macaron is $4.33, compared to our macaron study at $2.10 per macaron. Very pricy.
Order process Great website, possibility to select your own flavor.
Shipping Fair at $9.95 for UPS 2nd Day Air. My order arrived late though. Expensive option for Next Day Air at $52.58.
Transit I paid $9.95 for 2 Day Shipping. It arrived in 3 days. Fair but 1 business day late which can be hard if it was for an event.
For events? Woops bakery has options for towers and more.
Woops bakers No names nor chefs identified. Not handmade and not owned by French chefs.
Unboxing Missing Perishable and bakery sticker outside the package. Nice gift box with ribbon.
Quality 5 out of 9 macarons arrived damaged. Too dry and shells were hollow. Slightly bigger than authentic Parisian size.
Taste The filling is buttercream. Some flavors were too buttery, but others were good.

In my 2022 full study, I review and compare every macaron bakery you can find online. Since Woops is fairly new online, I gave it a try and ordered from them.

Below is a quick video to show you what macarons are supposed to taste like. I will use these criteria for the quality taste.

  • About this review

French chefs at Pastreez

I am Anthony, CEO and founder at Pastreez, an authentic macaron store in the US.

My wife and I are French chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, and left all in France to build Pastreez in the US, back in 2017.

When it comes to macarons, we like to consider ourselves "experts" considering our background.

A lot of customers and followers on Instagram are asking us to review other online bakeries, to see if it fits with the traditional Parisian cookie.

After Ma-ka-rohn, Dana's bakery, Chelles macarons and much more reviews, I decided to order from Woops macarons. Let's dig in!

  • Cost per macaron

Woops macarons are expensive. Very expensive.

According to the study where I compare the best macarons online, the average cost per macaron is $2.10.

Here at Woops, it is $39 for 9 macarons.. Which is $4.33 per macaron! It's even more expensive than Ladurée on Les Champs Elysées shop.

I'm not sure why their price point is that high. Macarons shells and fillings contain mostly the same ingredients.

You usually pay higher when the macarons are handmade (like Pastreez), or when you buy a historical brand (Ladurée).

Did I mentioned this cost is without shipping? Yes Woops macarons are expensive. Let's see the next topics to see the full picture.

  • Ordering process

Woops macarons product page

Woops website is beautifully made, and allow you to order for pick up and shipping in the United States.

Historically, Woops is a franchise business that allows people to use their name throughout the country, using their guidelines for a fee.

Shipping macarons is a (very) different story, compared to pick up.

if you want to pick up, note that currently the "find a store" feature is not working on their website. You might want to call it in. Generally speaking, they're an East Coast business and allow pick up mostly in New York.

Since I'm in a remote area of California, I decided to order for delivery to test the whole process.

I was able to pick and build my own set, which is very nice. We also provide this feature at Pastreez, but that's not the case for most online bakeries.

Once I added to cart, I checked the shipping options available.

  • Shipping options

Woops macarons shipping options

Whoops bakery shipping options are pricy.

Since the cost per macaron is two times more expensive than the average, I would think they'd absorb the shipping fees through to cost of the macarons. It's not the case here.

The options for shipping in the United States are:

  • Same-Day delivery: Free and for pick ups only
  • UPS Next Day Air: $52.58
  • UPS 2nd-Day Air: $9.95

My wife and I being in business for a while, we do have discounts with UPS. Woops surely have similar discount.

The difference between 2nd-Day air and Next Day Air is too important. But I guess if you are in a hurry to get Woops macarons for an event, wedding, or an important event, you might pay the Next Day Air. Then it has to be there on time though!

I selected the UPS 2-day Air at $9.95, and checked transit time between the time of order and the time of delivery.

  • Transit time

Woops macarons order notification

I ordered on February 8th in the morning. The order was delivered on February 11th afternoon. This is one extra day according to the "UPS 2nd-Day Air" shipping option I selected.

Woops delivery date
Not that bad really, especially when you buy macarons for yourself. But if it was for a time sensitive event, or a gift, it would have been a different story.
  • Who is behind Woops bakery?

When you order macarons online, you probably like to know who's baking your treats.

Exactly when you go to a fancy restaurant, the chef's experience and name are usually displayed.

That's why I like in my macaron reviews to check who's behind the business. Is this only profit oriented? Is the business make macarons in bulk with automated process? or is there real passion and every macaron is handcrafted?

Woops bakery was apparently created by four friends in New York, back in 2012. That's all the information available on their website.

I'm a bit disappointed, because macarons are not your average cookies. It's important to know:

  • Who is actually baking these French pastries?
  • Are they 100% handcrafted?
  • Do they ship fresh or frozen?
  • Where are they made?
  • Where do they ship from?

 None of these informations were available on their website. Being Parisian born and raised, I give much importance to craftsmanship.

At Pastreez every single macaron is handcrafted by my wife and I in Phelan, California. The ship from the same location the the entire United States. Each order is made upon order and ship fresh (we don't even own freezer).

It's my personal opinion, but the lack of transparency on this part from Woops discredit a bit the product.

Alright it's time to do the unboxing.

  • Woops macarons unboxing 

Woops macarons packaging

Before to open the package, let's have a global look at it.

It arrived very damaged. I'm not sure if it's due to the carrier or the quality of the carton box, but it's worth mentioning.

There is also no brand recognition. There is no way for me to know what's inside. Since these are cookies, it's important to have a sticker or a custom carton box with the name of the bakery on it.

In addition, there were no fragile sticker and no perishable sticker. When you ship food, it's critical to at least place a perishable sticker so you can rush the package indoors and refrigerate. Otherwise it's hard to tell it is food.

    • What's inside

      • Few bubble wrap

Unboxing Woops macarons

There is four bubble wrap inside, which might not be enough for traveling safe. That's an important detail because macarons are fragile cookies!

      • Insulated pouch

The insulated pouch is the ideal container to transit macarons. We also use it at Pastreez. This way the variation of temperature does not affect the products.

      • Two cards with menu

A 10% OFF discount and. a menu card is also in the package. Nice!

    • Woops packaging

Gift box of macarons by Woops

The box of macarons is inside the pouch. The box is very sturdy, with a ribbon. It's a nice display.

  • Woops macarons review

Macarons by woops unboxing

It's time to check on the macarons. Opening the box and the first look is disappointing.

As you can see on the picture, 5 macarons out of 9 were damaged in transit. Perhaps it is related to the lack of bubble wrap.

Macarons by woops review

I also suspect that the shells of these macarons were hollow to be this fragile. This is a common mistake that bakers do while making macarons.

Macarons by Woops review

It happens when air is trapped before baking in the oven, and the baker forget to tap the pan sheet to remove those.

  • Woops macarons quality

    • Texture / Freshness

Macarons are supposed to be crunchy outside, and soft inside. The balance between both shells and filling is the signature taste of the macarons.

These Woops macarons were good i terms of texture. But freshness, I suspect they were frozen prior. You can tell because of the specific thawing smell.

Lots of bakeries do this technique because it's better for production. Think about it: Produce thousands of the same flavor, freeze them, and ship only when a customer order this specific flavor.

That's great on a business point, but you can feel the difference between fresh and frozen product.

I personally like when the bakery is transparent. I always give this example: When you go to a meat restaurant, would you rather like to know prior to order that the meat is frozen rather than fresh? Yes fresh is always better!

    • Color / Roundness

Colors are great, same as roundness! I think these were made out of a production line called "macaron depositor".

It's easier because no human actually poor the batter. It's a famous industrial process in the baking industry. You can mass produce macarons, but can't claim they're handmade as well.

    • Macarons feet / Size

Macarons feet are the little lips you can see at the bottom of the shells. They should be about half / half when you look on the side of it.

Here, they're great. Also note that an authentic Parisian macaron is about 1.7 inches diameter. These are bigger, around 2 inches of diameter.

  • Woops macarons Taste test

Macarons quality test

In this section I will detail all the flavors I ordered. To give you more insights, I also cut each macaron in half so you can see what's inside!

I must tell you first that there are two schools for macarons: Buttercream vs Ganache.

Most bakeries use buttercream. It is easier to make because butter fades actual flavors. It's also cheaper which is good for businesses.

On the other hand, refined bakeries like Ladurée or Pastreez uses ganache. It is made with white chocolate. It is more expensive and delicate to make, but the result is smoother, more light, and ship better.

Yes it ships better and stay fresh longer, because butter needs to be refrigerated while in transit, while chocolate do not.

All macarons from Woops bakery uses buttercream. A major issue that can happen is that most flavors might taste the same with this recipe. Let's see in details!

      • Nutella macaron

Nutella macaron

It was a nice taste, closer to chocolate actually. A little bit fluffy but overall good flavor.

      • Caramel macaron

Caramel macaron

Taste was good, but slightly too buttery to my taste.

      • Pistachio macaron

Pistachio macaron by Woops

I was able to feel the Pistachio in this filling, which is good.

Since the website of Woops mention they do their own Pistachio paste, I would have been happy to find Pistachio crumbs. It wasn't the case here.

      • Blueberry cheesecake macaron

Blueberry cheesecake macaron

Similar to the Ma-ka-rohn review I wrote a while ago, this flavor is supposed to be creamy. And it is! Great taste and good flavor.

      • Vanilla macaron

Vanilla macaron

Too buttery. Vanilla is a delicate flavor. Not strong in taste, you have to balance it carefully to avoid a tasteless experience.

Here it was "ok", I could see the vanilla beans in the filling, and could taste slightly the vanilla.

      • Cookies and cream macaron

Cookies and cream macaron

It was the exact same flavor as Vanilla. I couldn't tell the difference.

      • Pink Champagne macaron

Pink champagne macaron

I always like when bakeries try to innovate. New flavors are so challenging to come up with!

But when alcohol is present it's very tricky to find the balance. I could feel a slight Champagne taste. But to be honest it was closer to candy taste than Champagne.

      • Honey lavender macaron

Honey lavender macaron

Woops has an interesting menu. I was curious about the honey lavender. It was clearly made with Lavender essence. I am not a fan of this flavor but it was a good idea.

      • Mint macaron?

Mint macaron

This last flavor was not on the menu card, so I couldn't tell the exact flavor. My guess is it was mint related.

  • My conclusion 

To compare Woops macarons with all the best bakeries online, check the macaron unboxing & review I did. I ordered and compared Pastreez to Makarohn, Dana's bakery, Macaron bar and many more!

I hope you enjoyed this Woops macaron unboxing and review. Any question make sure to chat live with us.

Oh and today only we have an offer for 7 macarons Free. Redeem Now!

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