Christmas Macarons (2024 update)


by Anthony · Updated Jan 20, 2023 · 4 min read

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  1. Christmas color trends in 2023
  2. Macarons filling and flavors
  3. Where to order: Local or Online?
  4. Christmas macarons recipe

Since I created Pastreez back in 2017, we really focus on creating new flavors monthly.

And Christmas is always a fun and busy season for every Macaron Bakery. This year even more, in a "post covid" era.

In this blog post, you'll learn what Pastreez Christmas Macarons flavors will look like in 2023.

I'll also give you my insights of the best color trends, flavors, and rather to order local or online for this holiday season.

Christmas Macarons 2021

When it comes to colors for macarons, there are plenty of options. Our macaron menu is updated monthly, and there is something for every taste.

For Christmas this year, we decided to go with four colors:

    • Deep green

A deep green can never go wrong for holiday season. It reminds the colors of a Christmas tree.

    • Red Velvet

Red is the color of Santa. It makes sense to have a red macaron, especially matched with green. It also reminds Christmas ornaments.

    • Brown gold

With this color, we went for fun! It's usually colder in Winter. Depending where you live, it might even snow. The brown with gold dust brings warmth with a twist of magic.

    • Two-tone

We love challenging ourselves with new colors. This Christmas, we created this two-tone color macaron by mixing two recipes: Beige and light brown. The result is simply mesmerizing.

All together, these four Christmas Macarons colors are the perfect match.

At Pastreez, you can choose from 15+ flavors, and build your own set. This feature was added because we realized every one has a different taste. Selling only macaron assortments was too restrictive.

  • Christmas macarons flavors

Christmas Macarons

Macarons fillings are key to have successful Christmas Macarons. With these amazing color ideas, I needed to be find matching flavors.

    • Hazelnut
Hazelnut macaron

Hazelnut macaron flavor is matched with the deep green color. We found that they are the perfect fit together. Dipped in a hot tea or coffee, it's just exquisite!

    • Gingerbread
Gingerbread macaron

What would be Christmas, without Gingerbread? This classic flavor was added to the two-tone macaron shells.

    • Red Velvet
Red velvet macaron

Red shells with delicious white vanilla filling. This Red Velvet macaron is a must try this holiday season.

    • Chocolate Fudge
Gold chocolate fudge macaron

With Winter coming, it's chocolate fudge season. With it's 14k gold brown shells, it's delicious and classy.

  • Where to order: Local or Online?

Local vs Online Macaron store

Ordering macarons locally is great. But hey, most people have no real French bakery close by.

And you need to make sure that you actually order authentic ones, not frozen prior, etc.

Before placing your order for such an important moment with your family, I always advise to buy a sample set to try the macarons first.

But not everyone lives in a big city (at least big enough to have real authentic macarons available). There are great options online.

From American flavors to authentic Parisian ones at Pastreez, I did a full comparative study and reviewed best online macaron delivery services in the US.

You really want to make sure what you get and for how much. For example, not every online bakery store knows how to ship macarons.

Most of these bakeries also freeze the macarons for months, before they ship it to you. This is true for either online or local bakeries.

Order our Christmas macarons and get 7 macarons Free Now. It expires in 24 hours. Don't wait!

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