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Macaronage : The Secret Tip !

We like to share easy Tips that help you make macarons. This video is about the Macaronage Mixing step. A very crucial moment. Learn how to master this technique in less than a minute 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳🇫🇷

All our videos are using the Macarons Making Kit Available here.

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Macaronage is a french term that means the action of mixing the batter a certain way. Be delicate, and mix it continuously until you get the texture shown in the video.

To do a great Macaronage, you need to have a great French Meringue. Follow this step by step and you'll be able to make it at home easily :)

This step by step requires you to have followed the previous steps. Make sure to read our previous videos first.

  1. Add half measures of your powder sugar and almond meal mix. 
  2. Mix delicately your batter and avoid pouring your almond and sugar out of the bowl. You want to take the meringue from the bottom and smoothly bring it up. Do it multiple time until you have that texture
  3. Then, add the other half of your making kit ingredients mix. Start mixing like the previous step. By the way, congratulations you are now at the Macaronage Step.
  4. Stoping mixing at the right time is the key to have a great texture. On the video, you can see that the batter is glossy. When you can draw an "Height" with your spatula, you're good to go. The texture you get strongly depends on the temperature in your room, and the humidity. Remember that humid environment is not the best for macarons, because your batter will not dry correctly.

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