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Graduation Cookie ideas (my top 7)


by Anthony · Updated Jan 26, 2024 · 5 min read


  1. Graduation Party Smiley Grad & Hashtag Packaged Cookies
  2. Congrats Grad Cookie Cake
  3. Graduation Shortbread Cookies
  4. Custom printed macarons
  5. Graduation Cookies
  6. Custom Decorated Cookies

The first communion party of your child is a special event. It is the first introduction of your child into the world of spirituality.

The end of the school year is often the most exciting time of the school year.

It is the graduation season and most often, there is always so much to prepare for. It can be a hectic season for both parents and kids, and of course, cookie makers.

That is why it is recommended that you plan and make the necessary booking ahead of time to avoid the rush around May.

Thankfully, there are many interesting and creative designs that you can explore to make your day as much fun as it is special.

So, what graduation cookies ideas can you consider? Here are 7 top graduation cookies ideas that we have curated for you.

  • Graduation Party Smiley Grad & Hashtag Packaged Cookies

Graduation Party Smiley Grad & Hashtag Packaged Cookies

Irrespective of whether you are hosting a gathering or throwing a mini grad party, these graduation party smiley grad & hashtag packaged cookies are a unique treat for your guests.

They are hand-decorated and you can choose to have them customized anyhow you want. The hashtags come in different phrases and you can also specify the phrases you want.

Congrats Grad Cookie Cake

Are you planning to gift your friend a special gift at their graduation? You can choose these delicious and beautiful Congrats graduation cookies baked with chocolate chip dough.

It can be customized with the name of the graduate and the school colors.

The cookies are freshly baked and hand-decorated. You can choose how you want it customized and the design and colors you want.

If you're interested in finding the best French bakery near me, I wrote this list by city in the entire United States.

  • Graduation Shortbread Cookies

Graduation Shortbread Cookies

Cookies come in different shapes, designs, and recipes and many cookie makers have mastered the art of creating special pieces. These graduation shortbread cookies are special.

They are not only delicious but also beautiful. You are definitely going to be torn between eating and drooling over the design.

You have the choice to customize it the way you want. They come with different phrases that celebrate the graduates. The package will include cookies with your name and graduation date, graduation cap, celebratory notes, and more.

  • Custom printed macarons

Custom printed macarons

Are you thinking of bringing something unique to surprise your party guests at your graduation party?

The Macarons gift box gives the perfect surprise touch to your special day. They are handmade in California by French chefs. A gift box contains 20 pieces of flavorful macaroons.

And this year, we added a cool new feature: You can now print anything on your macarons. Just add your graduated kid picture on the macarons, and it's the "wow" effect guaranteed!

You can also choose a variety of flavors, including mixed berries, blueberry, cherry, coconut, chocolate, tiramisu, salted caramel, vanilla, strawberry vanilla, violet, and more.

These macarons are gluten-free, which makes them a perfect choice for vegans. Below is an offer for 7 macarons Free on orders over $42. Valid today only.

  • Graduation Cookies

Graduation Shortbread Cookies

Are you looking for something simple and delicious to share during your graduation party? These Graduation cookies are a perfect choice.

Handmade and baked to order, these cookies come in a variety of flavors and patterns. You can choose the way you want to customize your cookies based on your preference.

All cookies are specially made, packaged, and ribboned to give a nice presentation.

You need to order for a minimum of 12 cookies per design and you should allow up to 14 days if you are making a large order. 3-5 days are fine for small orders.

  • Custom Decorated Cookies

Custom Decorated Cookies

Whether you want your cookies designed as diplomas, caps, graduation gowns, or scrolls, you can find the perfect custom-decorated cookies without stress.

Made with a signature Almond Flavor, you can be sure that these cookies are free of nut allergens.

They are 100% artificial flavors that add a natural taste without the natural ingredient. Depending on your preference, you can also choose either Vanilla or Chocolate flavor.


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