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Best French Bakery Near Me (2024 update)


by Anthony · Updated Jan 26, 2024 · 7 min read

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I get this question a lot: Where to find an authentic French bakery near me?

Being a French chef from Le Cordon Bleu Paris and a macaron expert, I know how frustrating it could be.

That is why I created Pastreez: An authentic French bakery, where you can buy macarons online. It ships fresh to your door in the US.

I thoroughly searched for the best authentic macaron bakery in 16 big cities in the US.

Why macarons? Because it's such a challenge to make those, that if you succeed, you can be considered an experienced baker.

  1. Macarons Los Angeles

Los Angeles has plenty of macaron bakeries. Since 2017, macarons has become a trending dessert in town.

  • Ladurée Los Angeles

Ladurée Los Angeles

The first macaron shop to mention is Ladurée. It's the most iconic macaron shop that was created in 1862 (yes, a while ago).

Two locations: 311 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 and 889 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210.

While Ladurée is definitely the oldest and most experimented in making macarons, one day I asked at the store in Los Angeles few questions. Being from Paris, I was curious if each location of Ladurée made their own macarons locally.

The answer was disappointing: Every macaron is made in Paris and ship to their location frozen. For such an iconic brand, I would expect they make and sell fresh macarons.

Still, Ladurée is the closest to a real Parisian macaron you'll find in LA.

  • Bottega Louie
Bottega Louie

It's an American bakery specialized in macarons. Bottega Louie is located in 700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

I sadly realized that one of their LA location is closed, and the second will close soon. Hurry up if you want to test it out!

  • Lette macarons
Lette Macarons Los Angeles

After COVID, Lette Macarons has closed most of its locations in Los Angeles. It's a pity, because the founder was really passionate about her macarons.

They still take orders on their website for nationwide delivery.

  • Le Macaron
Le Macaron Los Angeles

Le Macaron is located at 541 S Spring St Suite 127, Los Angeles, CA 90013. One thing you need to know is that this macaron store is a Franchise. I always recommend a real artisan bakery that bakes with passion, rather than a "business" oriented vision.

Of course, making profit is part of the business. But with dozens of locations nationwide, I don't think Le Macaron can keep up with quality, for such a delicate treat.

  1. Macarons New York

New York got plenty of choice when it comes to restaurants and bakeries. But what about authentic French bakeries? Let's find out.

  • Ladurée New York

Ladurée also has locations in New York. Three actually: One on 864 Madison Ave, another at 398 W Broadway, and the last one at 20 Hudson Yards.

See all their locations.

  • Macaron Café
Macaron Cafe New York

Macaron café is located on 750 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10017. I couldn't find any informations about its founders or process to make the macarons.

From the reviews you can find online (4.5 with 163 reviews on Google), the place seems legit.

  • La maison du Macaron
La maison du macaron new York

Located at 132 W 23rd St, New York, 10011, La maison du macaron offers local pick up but not Nationwide delivery.

From my research, I didn't find anything about the chefs behind this store. I always recommend to order from a French bakery that has legit bakers.

For example, Yami and I are both French chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Paris (more about Pastreez). Pastreez is located in California and ship fresh nationwide. By the way, redeem today's deal below. We offer 7 macarons Free on every order over $42.

  1. Macarons Austin

Austin is a fun city with lots of new opportunities. Let's see if you can find decent French bakery near me there.

  • Bakery Lorraine
Bakery Lorraine

Bakery Lorraine is located at 11600 Rock Rose Ave #100 Austin, Texas 78758.

While the names and branding might look like it was created by French, none of the founders are actually from France.

But it looks like they are doing an amazing job, not only with their macarons but with their lunch and dinner.

  • La Patisserie Austin
La Patisserie Austin

La Patisserie has two locations in Austin. The first one at 602 W. Annie St. Austin, Texas 78704; the second one at 7301 Burnet Road Ste 102 Austin, Texas 78757.

This is an artisan bakery specialized with French pastries and macarons. While again none of the founders nor chefs are French, they seem dedicated to provide quality French Pastries in Austin.

  • Michelle's Patisserie Austin
Michelle's Patisserie Austin

Michelle's Patisserie (or Michelle Bakery as some call it) was founded by a dedicated and passionate chef in Austin. Not a French Bakery per se, the chef is local from Texas.

The macaron bakery is located in 12233 RR 620 N. Ste 114, Austin, TX 78750.

  1. Macarons Dallas

Dallas is one of the most populated city in Texas and the United States.

  • Joy Macarons
Joy Macarons Dallas

Joy Macarons has two locations in Dallas: OAK CLIFF at 839 W. Davis Street
Dallas, TX 75208, and LOWER GREENVILLE 1927 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206.

The bakery offers free pick up but no shipping. The reviews I was able to find are 4.7 on 86 reviews, which is a great ratio.

The website has not "about us" page. I couldn't check on who are the chefs and if they are making authentic French macarons. I will give it a try whenever I'm in Dallas.

  • Savor Patisserie Dallas
Savor Patisserie Macarons Dallas

The Savor Patisserie of Dallas was founded by Kelli Watts. I'm happy when the founders and chefs are transparent with its customers.

While she is not a trained French chef, she taught herself the savoir-faire for macarons and built her store in Texas.

Two locations: SNIDER PLAZA 6725 Hillcrest Avenue, Suite D, Dallas TX 75205; and CASA LINDA PLAZA 9440 Garland Road, Suite #142, Dallas, TX 75218.

  • We the birds macarons
We the birds macarons Dallas

We the birds is fairly new to the macarons scene. Founded by two American sisters in 2018 in Dallas Texas, their approach is more artistic and fashion. The pictures and the look of their shops seems interesting!

The macaron bakery is located at 4101 Bryan Street #160 *BY APPOINTMENT ONLY*, Dallas, TX 75204

  1. Macarons Denver

Denver in Colorado is well known for its winter activities. Let's see if I can find a hidden gem to help you find the best French bakery near me!

  • Bella Macarons
Bella Macaron Denver Colorado

Bella macaron is located in 12665 Jasmine St, Thornton, CO 80602. I couldn't find much information on this bakery. In fact, Denver is not the city where you'd find authentic macaron store.

Give Pastreez a try. We ship fresh nationwide from California. Oh and of course, every macaron is 100% handmade by French chefs (either my wife or me).

Sign up below to get 7 macarons Free with your first order!`

  • French for sugar
French for sugar Denver macarons

French for sugar was founded by Michelle & Garrett Weekley. This bakery shop offers pick up only, no shipping.

It is located at 1201 E. COLFAX AVENUE, SUITE 103 DENVER, CO 80218.

  1. Macarons Seattle

  • Lady Yum
Lady Yum macarons Seattle

Lady Yum seems to be popular in the area. I really liked her "about us" page. The founder tells her story how she grew up baking. And while she is not French, she is really passionate about she does, and that counts.

I'm sure her macarons worth to stop by if you're in Seattle looking for an bakery near me. Lady Yum is located at 2130 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121.

  • Macadons
Macadons macarons Seattle

Macadons was founded by Donna in Seattle. From the "about us" page I could tell than the main baker gave an Asian twist to the French macarons.

I can't say if these are authentic Parisian macarons, as they do not deliver in my area. The bakery is located at 9828 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

  • Le Panier

Le Panier macarons in Seattle

Le Panier French bakery is located at1902 Pike Place Seattle WA 98101. And "Cocorico", I was finally able to find a REAL artisan baker in the name of Hubert Loevenbruck, founder of Le Panier.

Not only they make macarons there, but also pain au chocolat, croissant, and all the classic French patisseries.

I strongly recommend you to try them out if you're in Seattle looking for macarons.

  1. Macarons Miami

  • Dbakers
Dbakers Macarons Miami

Dbakers is based in 3501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137. They make macarons in fun flavors, and also do specialty cakes for events.

  • Maison Valentine
Maison Valentine macarons Miami

Maison Valentine has a real French baker by the name of Stéphane Merlat. With his experience and background, I have no doubt that Maison Valentine is one of the best French bakery to find macarons in Miami.

It is located at 1112 15th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139.


  1. Macarons Chicago

  • Vanille Patisserie
Vanille Patisserie macarons Chicago

Vanille Patisserie has 4.5 reviews with 398 of reviews on Google. It's safe to say this might be a popular macaron bakery in the Chicago area.

A lot of mention is made about the bakery on its mention: Artisan bakery, French pastries, etc. But I couldn't verify the name of the chef nor the founder to check the authenticity of Vanille Patisserie.

It's located at 2108 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614.

  • La Fournette Chicago


La Fournette macarons chicago

This is an authentic French macaron bakery in Chicago. With over 110 years of experience, this is a family owned patisserie. You should give it a try.

La Fournette is located at 1547 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60610.

  • Toui macarons Chicago
Toui macarons Chicago

T'oui macaron is a Chicago based Patisserie. Their website is very simple and I couldn't find any trace of "authenticity". But from the reviews I've seen online, their macarons might worth to try.

The bakery is located at 5018 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640.

Note that they do not ship macarons, nor allow to order macarons online. At Pastreez we ship macarons fresh daily. Your treats are 100% by French chefs in California.

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  1. Macarons Houston

  • Sweet by Belen 
Sweet by Belen macarons in Houston

Sweet by Belen is a is a Patisserie specialized in South American pastries. Its owner, Belen Bailey is from Peru, and has a passion for baking.

Note the this bakery is not French and do not ship, only pick up in store. The patisserie is located at 6001 Hillcroft St STE 400, Houston, TX 77081.

  • Macaron by Patisse
Macaron by Patisse Houston Texas

Macaron by Patisse has two locations in Houston Texas. The first one in River Oaks at 2033 W. Gray Houston, TX 77019; the second one in The Galleria at 5085 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77056.

These locations are closer to a kiosk than an actual macaron bakery. Still, Macaron by Patisse is popular in town. I couldn't find any information on where, how and who are the bakers of this shop.

  1. Macarons Phoenix

  • Essence bakery café
Essence bakery café macarons Phoenix

You can feel the inspiration for French pastries with Essence bakery in Phoenix. The chef's name is Eugenia and is truly dedicated to make the best macarons since 2007.

The bakery is located at 3830 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018.

  • Paris Rendez Vous
Paris Rendez Vous macarons Phoenix

Paris Rendez Vous is focused on macarons and French pastries. No informations of its founders or bakers. But Google reviews said that those are "excellent macarons".

The bakery is located at the DESERT RIDGE MARKET PLACE - 21001 N Tatum Blvd - PHOENIX, AZ 85050.

  1. Macarons Philadelphia

  • Ici Macarons
Ici macarons Philadelphia

With 4.7 stars on Google and 267 reviews, needless to say Ici Macarons worth the try. I wasn't able to find any information of its founders nor bakers.

But judging by the reviews and pictures on their Instagram, it seems to be the most authentic French bakery near me in Philadelphia.

The patisserie is located at 230 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

  • Aurora Grace
Aurora Grace macarons in Philly

This is a chocolate and macaron bakery in Philly. The bonbons and macarons At Aurora Grace looks great. She learned from scratch with her past chefs, working at various restaurants.

The store is located at 517 S 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

  • Jaime French Bakery
Jaime French Bakery Philadelphia

I thought I'd highlight Jaime French Bakery, even if they don't do macarons. Their French chef Bastien is doing an amazing job with authentic Parisian baguettes and plenty of French pastries.

The bakery is located at 212 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

  1. Macarons San Diego

  • Le Parfait Paris
Le Parfait Paris Macarons in San Diego

Located at 555 G St, San Diego, CA 92101, Le Parfait Paris has well packaged macaron gift box and chocolates.

It looks like the bakers are French and bring Authentic savoir-faire to the area. If you are looking for macarons in San Diego, Le Parfait Paris is a great option.

  • Elite baking
Elite Baking Macarons San Diego

Elite baking is a small French inspired bakery located at Calvados Pl, San Diego, CA 92128. The chef does not seem much experienced and is from San Francisco. But I like to give bakers the benefit of the doubt. I'd give it a try whenever I return to San Diego.

  • Guilty cravings
Guilty Cravings Macarons San Diego

The macarons at Guilty Cravings San Diego are interesting. With fun American flavors like Oreo or Fruity Pebbles, I'm not sure we can call it a genuine French bakery.

But still, I was able to read great reviews about them and it is worth trying them. The bakery is located at 5497 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117.

  1. Macarons San Francisco

  • Chantal Guillon Patisserie
Chantal Guillon Macarons San Francisco

This bakery is owned and operated by a French Chef in San Francisco named Patrick Lassaque, that recently purchased the business from its original founder Chantal Guillon.

These macarons from Chantal Guillon brings a taste of Paris in the bay area and in Palo Alto.

The French patisserie is located at 1309 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103.

  • Colette Macarons

Colette Macarons is a small macaron bakery located in san Francisco. It is odd how San Francisco can be a big city, with so little choice when it comes to macarons actually.

This patisserie sells exclusively macarons available for delivery ONLY in the Bay Area. I couldn't find any address, information about the bakers, or even where is the business located. The bakery does not shipping.

Pastreez offers macaron delivery service in the entire United States. Redeem Today's deal below before it's too late!

  1. Macarons Boston

  • Maca Boston
Maca boston macarons

A great option to order macarons in Boston. These are handmade in small batch. Created by an American passionate about macarons, Maca Boston created a "simple" and efficient menu in her own words.

This patisserie is located at 1 Bow Mkt Wy Suite 9, Somerville, MA 02143

  • Beacon Hill chocolates
Beacon Hill Chocolates Boston

This patisserie is specialized in artisan bonbons. Beacon Hill in Boston is the place to go for authentic flavorful chocolates from all over the world.

The bakery is located at 91 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114.

  1. Macarons Las Vegas

Phelan is not far from Las Vegas. The popular thinking is Las Vegas is for gambling and partying. Not at all. I've found one of the best restaurants and bakeries in the world there. See my selection below for the best macarons in Las Vegas.

  • Bouchon Bakery at the Venetian
Bouchon bakery macarons Las Vegas

The Venetian is in my top 3 hotels in Vegas. Bouchon bakery is located at the first flour, adn gives you a true Parisian brunch experience.

In addition, their macarons are great. Bouchon really did great to recreate this Paris like experience with its decoration theme and menu.

The bakery is located at 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

  • Luchkoff Patisserie
Luchkoff patisserie macarons

Luchkoff patisserie do it all. From bread, to pastries, to macarons. It's not an authentic French bakery, but you'll find plenty of treats in their store.

It is located at 4165 S Grand Canyon Dr Suite 102, Las Vegas, NV 89147.

  • Patisserie Manon
Patisserie Manon Las Vegas

Making macarons is a real challenge. Getting them right is very difficult. Patisserie Manon do not make macarons, but you'll still find a lot of desserts there (cakes, Tropezienne, etc.).

The location is 8751 W Charleston Blvd #110, Las Vegas, NV 89117.

  1. Macarons Atlanta

There are not many options in Atlanta when it comes to authentic macarons. Even French bakeries are rare. See below the best patisseries I was able to find in the area.

  • Sweet Hut
Sweet hut macarons Atlanta

Sweet hut is a bakery and café in Atlanta, Georgia. No macarons available, they make great sweet buns, savory buns, cookies and swiss rolls.

The address is 935 Peachtree St NE UNIT 935, Atlanta, GA 30309.

  • Saint-Germain Bakery
Saint-Germain bakery Atlanta

I really love the name of this one. It reminds me of my football club: Paris Saint-Germain! Saint-Germain bakery has great google reviews, but no website. You can communicate with them directly through their Facebook page.

Their location is Ponce City Market, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave, Atlanta, GA 30308.

Summary: Best French Bakery Near Me

 That's it! It's not easy to find a good French Bakery Near Me. Whether you are located in a big city or not, you'll have trouble to find authentic macarons.

Pastreez offers Macaron Delivery service in the United States. Your treats are delivered fresh to your door within few days. Redeem today's deal below, and get 7 macarons Free!

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