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France is renowned universally for its enjoyable pastries. From soft chocolate-coated cakes to crunchy tarts and French snacks, there is so much to satisfy your palate.

Whether you are planning a trip to France or you just want to know what delicacies you can find in a French bakery near you, here are the 10 best pastries that will make your mouth waters:

  1. Macaron
  2. Croissant
  3. Pain au chocolat
  4. Chausson aux pommes
  5. Cannelés
  6. Crepes
  7. Eclair
  8. Financier
  9. Madeleine
  10. Crème Brûlée

Let us look at each of them in detail!

  1. Macaron

Pastreez authentic macarons

The macarons, as we know them today, have not always had a similar appearance to a mini-cake created with almonds, crunchy egg whites and sugar on the outside, and cream, liqueur, or jam on the outside.

Macaron is a delicious dessert that made its first appearance in Italy during the Middle Ages and then imported to France in 1581 by Catherine de Medici for a nobleman’s wedding in Ardèche. In the contemporary world, you will find different variants of this French pastry, including vanilla, raspberry, coffee, or chocolate flavors, among others.

  1. Croissant

French croissant

It is impossible to talk about French pastries without mentioning croissants. If you want to start your day in the French way, order a piece of the croissant to enjoy, and dip it into milk. French croissants are carefully baked pastries made with butter.

The taste is quite different and better than regular patisseries. Of course, the taste is not the only differentiating feature; French croissants are also different in shape (see picture attached).

  1. Pain au Chocolat

Pain au chocolat

Semi-sweet chocolate, known as batons, forms the foundation for this lip-smacking traditional patisserie. The dough is wrapped carefully around the stick of chocolate and kept in the refrigerator to rest for a while before baking.

Pain au chocolat is the favorite of many French children and the young-at-heart too. It is made of milk, sugar, instant yeast, unsalted butter, and flour, among other ingredients.

  1. Chausson aux Pommes

Chausson aux pommes

Known as Apple turnovers in other parts of the world, Chausson aux Pommes is a traditional French pastry, a delectable puff pastry treat, stuffed with cooked apple.

They are a great choice for a Sunday breakfast or an appetizer before the main course. Chausson aux Pommes are made of puff pastry, ground cinnamon, apples, syrup, and egg white.

  1. Cannelés

Cannelés from Bordeaux

Known for its softer vanilla center and thick caramelized crust, cannelés are a small French patisserie, originated in the Bordeaux area.

They are a great option for dessert after an evening meal or a simple snack. A bite of this delicious pastry will transport you into a rapturous mood.

  1. Crepes

Pastreez French crepes


Crepes are of Bretagne origin, a region located in the west of France. There are two variants of crepes made in France and they are the sweet type with regular all-purpose flour, and the salty type with buckwheat dark flour.

It is difficult to decide which is better between the two because it is all about individual preferences. If you are planning to eat crepes in the French way, get a bowl of apple cider and bon appétit!

The current Crepes menu is available for shipping in the entire United States.

  1. Éclair


Made of extended choux pastry, stuffed with pastry cream, and topped with caramel or chocolate icing, the éclair is a scrumptious cake from France.

With numerous variants, there is surely something for everyone. From vanilla, fruit mousse, chocolate to whipped cream and coffee – there are so many options that people can explore and enjoy.

  1. Financier

Financier French Pastry

A mini, supple, almond-flavored cake, the Financier has become a mainstream pastry and can be found in French bakeries across the world. The modern version has a couple of flavors, such as pistachio, raspberry, and almond.

However, the original flavor, which is plain almond, remains the best taste among the variants. You can order the different flavors and compare. You are sure to find out that the almond flavor is the best of them all.

  1. Madeleine

Madeleine French Patisserie

Also known as shell-shaped cookies, Madeleine is a type of small cake baked with butter and eggs. Some chefs make them with chocolate chips, while others soak them in chocolate to achieve a certain delicious flavor and aroma.

If you want to have Madeleine in the French way, serve the pastry with a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea.

  1. Crème Brûlée

Creme Brulee French Patisserie

Crème Brûlée made with caramel, vanilla, egg yolk, and cream, crème brûlée is a type of pastry that will make you ask for more.

Deep your spoon through the caramelized top and hear the cracking sound as you scoop the creamy lair below the caramelized topping of the pastry.

It is one of the yummy patisserie that French chefs are proud to serve. Restaurants serve crème brûlée as a dessert at restaurants, and you can also order it from a French pastry shop or bakery.


These are the ten best French pastries that you need to try out. So, which of these pastries have you had before? Which of them are you trying soon?

If you are wondering where to find French Pastries near me, visit Pastreez. We do every macaron and crepe by hand. You are sure to get a fresh delivery to your home or office promptly, wherever you are in the US.

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