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Custom macarons


by Anthony · Updated Jan 25, 2024 · 5 min read

Table of contents

  1. What are custom macarons?
  2. Options for events
  3. Custom colors
  4. Brushed macarons
  5. Handwritten inscriptions
  6. Custom shape
  7. Custom filling: Customization options
  8. New! Print on macarons
  • What are custom macarons?

A custom macaron is a macaron that is not currently on the menu. At Pastreez, we usually have over 14 different options on the menu.

See below some examples of previous custom macarons orders:

Custom macarons by Pastreez

It also varies every week, because we love to do seasonal macarons.

I detailed below all the options we can help you with!

  • Options for events

Pastreez is specialized in authentic Parisian macarons. My wife and I are French chefs, and our kitchen is located in Phelan, California.

Custom macarons tower

We've been in the macaron industry for over a decade now. No matter where you are in the US, rest assured we ship fresh to your door for your event.

All that said, we cover all these options for your event:

    • Macaron Tree (or macaron tower, including 6-tier tower stand to assemble and 84 macarons)
    • Classic macaron sets (for large amount, just add to cart as many 48 sets as you need)
    • Macaron favor boxes (boxes of two, including macarons, box and white ribbon)
    • Order now, Ship later option on the product page (click "add event date", and we'll ship fresh closer to your event)
Macaron favor boxes

For smaller event, we carry 24 macarons sets and smaller. Keep in mind that customization for smaller amount might be a challenge depending of your need.

You can always chat with me for any question.

Let's dig a bit deeper on your custom macarons options!

  • Custom macaron colors

On each product page, you'll have access to the live current menu.

You are able to build your own set online, adding only what you need from the menu to your set. 

Custom galaxy macarons

We always advise to try your best and "match" the menu if you see anything close enough to what you need.

The reason is that you would save the custom macaron fee by selecting available macarons.

If you can't find anything that matches your event theme on the menu, don't worry! We can get your custom color.

The customization fee depends on the amount of macarons needed. We provide same-day quote via live chat anytime.

  • Brushed macarons

Yes, we can make brushed macarons for you.

Gold brushed macarons

Most of the time, customers ask us about gold brushed macarons, but it can be silver as well, or any color that matches your party.

This is also handmade. Note that brushed macarons will be a more affordable option for your custom macarons than a custom color.

The exact price depends on the amount of macarons needed.

  • Handwritten inscriptions

We get this question a lot, especially for weddings and baby showers.

Yes, we are able to handwrite letters on the macarons. These are written by either my wife or I by hand.

Handwritten inscription macarons

Since a traditional macaron is about 1.7 inches diameter, the space is limited. We advise to write a letter or two, to make sure it pops out at your event.

We can also have any color you want, even though we recommend gold or silver, because it matches easier with the macaron color.

Handwritten inscriptions are at similar cost compared to custom macaron color.

  • Custom macaron shapes

That's very unique to Pastreez. Most bakeries make macarons with industrial machines.

Custom heart shaped macarons

At Pastreez, everything is handcrafted. So we are able to offer you two custom shapes of macarons:

    • Round shape: Authentic Parisian size, about 1.7 inches diameter
    • Heart shape: Cute and tasty, similar in size

If you order a custom color, since we have to make a batch just for you, you will be charged a smaller fee for custom heart-shaped macarons.

  • Custom macaron fillings

We have a full list of macaron flavors. You can pick from that page whatever suits you.

Custom bonbon macarons

Note that if you select a flavor that is currently on the menu, you won't be charged any customization fee.

Usually, customers that order for events are able to match a flavor on the live menu, to avoid an extra customization fee.

But we're here to help! So if you need a macaron flavor that is not listed, chat with us we'll find a solution for you.

This is a brand new feature we now offer at Pastreez: Print anything on your macarons!

Print on macarons

We invested thousands of dollars on the top-of-the-notch edible printer, which allows us to print a colorful logo, picture, image on your macarons.

Most of the product pages have an option at the top of the page saying "print on macarons". If you don't see it, feel free to chat live with us.

This feature is really cool for baby showers, weddings and corporate events. It makes your party even more unforgettable for your guests.

Print on macarons

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