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Blue macarons (flavors and recipe)


by Anthony · Updated Jan 25, 2024 · 6 min read

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  1. What flavor is a blue macaron?
  2. Blue macarons recipe
  3. Different shades of blue macarons
  4. Where to buy blue macarons

Blue macarons are hard to make, and hard to find.

In a general matter, macarons are considered the "challenge recipe" by most. But with few secret tips that I was able to get along the way (Le Cordon Bleu Paris alumni), I will help you get the best results.

And if you prefer buy blue macarons, that's fine! I'll share few links on bakeries that ship fresh nationwide in the United States.

  • What flavor is a blue macaron?

Blueberry fruit

Have you noticed how blue things are rare in nature? Especially when it comes to fruits or ingredients. Even blue flowers are hard to find!

Mostly, you will find blue macarons to be flavored Blueberry or Blackberry. Even those are not really blue, more dark blue.

At Pastreez, we have two different flavors for our blue macarons: Mixed berries and blueberry.

  • Blue Macarons Recipe

Blue Macarons recipe

Before to start, pre heat your oven at 300°F. Note that the pictures below were from our pink macaron batch, but it's exactly the same recipe and process for blue macarons.

Here are the steps and details to make blue macarons:

    • Gather ingredients
Tools needed to make blue macarons

Main ingredients:

150g of Almond Flour (Blue Diamond or Red Bob Mills)
150g of Powdered Sugar
50g of Egg white
Blue food coloring (Chef Master or Americolor)

Italian meringue:

150g of Sugar
50g of Water
50g of Egg white

    • Make almond batter
Macaron almond batter

What I call the "almond batter" is mixing the almond flour with Egg white. It creates a "batter" with a dense texture.

    • Grow Italian meringue


Mix the egg white in a stand mixer. At the meantime, boil your sugar + water. Then mix it together until you get a foamy / cloudy texture.

Pro tip: Macarons are French. But Italian meringue is best when making them. That is because the macaron shell recipe was originally from Italy.

    • Macaronage (mix almond batter and meringue)
Italian Meringue

Mix your Italian meringue with the almond batter. This is a crucial step called "macaronage". This is a French term that designate the way of mixing vigorously from the center of the bowl to the corners.


Once you can draw the number "8" with your batter, you're ready for the next step. The "8" simply shows that you have the right texture.

    • Piping
Piping macarons

Now it's time to pipe your macarons. This is the step where you place the batter into a piping bag, and then pour it on a silicone mat or a parchment paper.

We like the silicone mold better for home recipes, because it is easier to make same size round shape.

The first ring guides you to pipe, and the second will prevent the batter from overflowing.

    • Baking
Bake your macarons

It's the moment to place your macarons in the oven! Start your timer at 15 minutes.

Macarons shells baked

Pro tip: Open your oven briefly after about 5 minutes in the oven. It will release the humidity trapped inside of it and reduce the risk of cracks.

    • Prepare blue macaron filling (blueberry)
Piping blueberry macarons

Ingredients for the blueberry filling are:

150g of blueberry fruit purée
70g of heavy whipping cream

Melt it all together in a "bain-marie" and mix it until homogeneous.

Pro tip: Let the filling cool down for an hour prior to pour between two macaron shells.

Pro tip 2: A "bain-marie" is a French technique where you boil water in a pan. Then, place an extra bowl with your mix on top of it. It will melt what's inside your bowl very fast!

    • Add filling to the shells
Macarons ready

Similar to the piping method for the macaron batter, do the same with your filling. Pour it between two shells. Then "sandwich" those two with the filling in the middle.

    • Voilà!
Blue macarons recipe

There you go for your blue macarons! Refrigerate until ready to serve. It's good for over two weeks. If you need to serve them later on, freeze the macarons.

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  • Different shades of blue

There are many types of blue macarons. At Pastreez, we have two main colors.

Royal blue macaron

The first one is called "Royal blue" macaron. Also known as deep blue, this is a dark and intense color that matches perfectly for baby showers and weddings.

Light blue macarons

Then, we have a "turquoise blue" macaron. This one is lighter and very bright. Do you know the New York based jewelry called Tiffany? This light blue macaron is very close to their accent color.

  • Where to buy blue macarons?

Blue macarons

If you don't want to make blue macarons and rather prefer to buy some, I wrote macaron bakeries reviews (with pictures).

Some in my reviews do provide blue macarons to your door. Pastreez do ship fresh in the entire United States as well.

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