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by Anthony · Updated Jan 26, 2024 · 5 min read

Table of content

  1. Mrs Fields treats of the month club
  2. Cookie crate
  3. Macaron of the month club
  4. Cheryl's cookie of the month club
  5. Cookie dough monthly box
  6. The Cravory cookie club
  7. Summary: Best cookie subscription box

Here is another blog post where I research internet to help you find out the best cookie subscription box out there.

Each of my selection has a specific twist to a classic cookie box. Let's take a look!

  1. Mrs Fields treat of the month club

Mrs field cookie subscription box

Mrs Fields was created by Debbi Fields back in 1977, in Palo Alto California. Everything handcrafted. Each cookie was baked just hours before to be sold. That was perfect!

If you have read my best macarons study, you know I really like authenticity and handmade items.

Mrs Fields is now a very big company, and the shops are franchised. Which means anyone with a down payment can open a shop anywhere in the world. Just like Subway.

With this business model, quality inevitably decreases. Simply because not every franchisee is really fond of cookies.

Mrs Fields cookies are also sold at big box retailers like Costco.

To produce this much volume, quality has to be sacrificed, because you need to store all these cookies. And to store them, you need to alter the recipe and add conservatives.

Also because Debbi Fields is far, far away from this new shop. So her "secret sauce" and passion would not be present.

Don't get me wrong, Mrs Fields cookies still do the job. But it's closer to industrial mass produced cookies, than handcrafted cookies from the first days.

Mrs Fields treats of the month club

They have recently released a cookie subscription box that has 3 options:

    • 3 months cookie subscription box ($99.99)
    • 6 months ($179.99)
    • 12 months ($329.99)

It is priced correctly. But note that you just get an "assortment" monthly. It's not like seasonal flavors with specific cookie flavors monthly.

Cookie crate cookie subscription box

The cookie crate was founded by Jon & Meagan Mills in April 2019.

While they are fairly new to the cookie game, they have 4.8 ratings with 98 reviews on Google for their cookie crate only location in Tennessee. That's great!

That being said, all of their reviews are local customers, not customers that ordered cookies online to be delivered.

It is an important detail, because selling cookies locally is a very different business than shipping cookies.

Think of recipe, process and packaging, shipping and handling, etc.

Naturally, the cookie Crate came up with a cookie subscription box at $33.96 a month, including shipping. Fairly priced.

But their subscription offer is not quite elaborated yet.

The cookie subscription box page is stuffed with lots of informations that does not really help to subscribe, or even to gift it. No options to prepay, see upcoming flavors, add a gift note, etc.

The Cookie Crate has great cookies and lots of potential locally, but still has to develop their online offer in my opinion.

  1. Pastreez: Macaron of the month club

Macaron of the month club at Pastreez

At Pastreez, we handcraft authentic macarons daily, so you can delight your friends with Parisian cookies.

My wife and I being French chefs. We left all in France in 2017 to build Pastreez in the US!

Today, Le Cordon Bleu Paris says we make the "most authentic macarons in the US".

Since we are 100% online, we are experts to ship cookies to your door.

The macaron of the month club is ideal for you to try seasonal cookies monthly.

You also have the option to gift it, and even add a free gift note. The three plans are:

    • 3 months ($99, Free shipping)
    • 6 months ($179, Free shipping)
    • 12 months ($349, Free shipping)

You can cancel anytime, or even prepay to gift with no renewal.

Cheryl's cookie subscription box

Cheryl's cookies was founded 40 years ago. On the website, I couldn't find the name of the founder.

The company was purchased by 1-800 Flowers group in 2005 for about $40 million. Not too bad for a cookie business!

They sell what they call prepaid cookie clubs. Two versions:

    • Buttercream frosted cut-out
    • Flavor of the month cookie club

Both only allows you to pay for 12 months though. For those were were looking for 3 or even 6 months, you won't be able to do it with Cheryl's.

Doughp cookie dough subscription box

Edible cookie dough is getting popular these days. Doughp is based in the bay area, and was even featured on Shark Tank on 2019.

They have their own cookie dough subscription, I was it was worth including it in this post.

It is called the "secret dope club", and works as below:

    • Includes 2 x 8oz cups of cookie dough
    • Edible and cookable
    • $29/mo and free shipping
    • Choose to receive monthly or every 3 months

The company does not give the option to prepay though, it's a month to month cookie subscription.

The cravery cookie subscription box

Last but not least, The cravery cookie of the month club is located in San Diego, CA. But they do ship nationwide as well.

What makes the Cravery different? They have a variety of cookie flavors. Their cookie subscription includes:

    • Half dozen, dozen or two dozens a month
    • 3, 6 or 12 months prepaid

Note that they do not provide you a list of the upcoming flavors. That would be a good thing to improve.

Plenty of options! If you're looking for a surprising gift, I would recommend macarons. If you're looking for a fun box, the cookie dough box is great.

Hope that helps!

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