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Are macarons vegan? French chef insights!

Are macarons vegan?

Are macarons vegan?

No, authentic French macarons are NOT vegan.

And it is easy to demonstrate. Our step by step French macaron recipe includes every single ingredient we use.

To find out if a recipe is vegan, simply take each ingredient and check if they are vegan.

At Pastreez, only one ingredient is not considered vegan: Egg white. We use egg white to grow what is called a meringue, used in the macaron shell recipe.

Every authentic macaron bakery won't be vegan. As an example, Ladurée macarons are not vegan either.

Is vegan macaron a thing?

Vegan macarons for sale

Yes, you can find vegan macarons for sale. You can also find a vegan recipe as well. But they are very (very) hard to find.

In my study to find the best macarons delivery in the US, I ordered from 8 popular macaron stores online.

Only Pastreez offers vegan macarons for sale. And they ship fresh to your door!

You probably know how hard it is to make macarons. Replacing its main ingredient to get a vegan variation is adding on that challenge.

Which is why vegan macarons are slightly more expensive than regular ones.

But it is doable. At Pastreez we came up with a 100% vegan macaron recipe that is still get the texture of regular macarons.

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  • Julie West

    I have family members who can not have artificial dye. Do you sell artificial free macarons? I also have a family member who is allergic to eggs. Do you list ingredients somewhere on your website? To many allergies in the family.


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