Rose gold or Purple cake ideas? (2024 update)


by Anthony · Updated Jan 26, 2024 · 3 min read

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  1. Chocolate Wedding Cake
  2. Blue Wedding Cake
  3. Purple Wedding Cake
  4. Rose Gold Wedding Cake
  5. White and Gold Wedding Cake
  6. Macaron Tower: Perfect Wedding Cake idea
  7. Summary: Best Wedding Cake Flavors

Dessert trends come and go but there is nothing that can replace the desire for a delicious and appealing wedding cake.

Imagine a naturally iced cake, decorated with intricate edible flowers or sugar work, and adorned with fresh fruits. Doesn’t that sound mouth-watering? Of course, we love seeing a wedding cake that tells a story.

Are you wondering how it can be done? We’ll share a few exciting wedding cake ideas in this article to make your big day a “royal affair”. Keep reading and get ready to select your desired elegant wedding cake for your memorable day.

Choosing The Delightful Wedding Cake

Your bond is eternal so is your wedding day. So, you should choose your cake for your wedding day that has the best taste and complements your style.

It doesn’t matter if you want a rustic floral cake, a chocolate cake, or a traditional chocolate drip cake, you can simply get the best out of it to help inspire you.

  1. Chocolate Wedding Cake

A beautiful and appealing wedding cake surely leaves everyone in awe. It adds an enticing theme and value to your day. At your reception, your cake must be too beautiful and delightful to eat.

Though brides usually pick fruits or classic vanilla for their wedding cakes, there is nothing bad in switching to other entrancing cake ideas and going with what you love for your day.

And imagine it happens to be a full-blown mesmerizing chocolate cake or perhaps go from triple-tiered creations bursting with delicious macarons dipped in chocolate – you are just a moment away to make your day magnificent.

Either you opt for a traditional Wedding Cake or a Macaron Wedding Cake, chocolate is a safe area, because it is loved by almost every guest.

Opting for a Macaron Wedding cake might be smarter, because you can pick multiple flavors, to fit with everyone taste.

  1. Blue Wedding Cake

Have you been dreaming of a blue wedding? If yes, then make your wedding blue all overwhelmingly. Blue is a soothing and tranquil color ensuring peace of mind and love in the heart.

So how about making your special day the most loveable one? Rich, bold, and exceptionally tempting, there can be numerous enthralling shades of blue that you can go with to make your wedding day extraordinary.

How about an Ombre and textural Tiffany blue wedding cake for your day which is decorated with little blooms and succulents?

Or a blue and white cake for your wedding decorated with elegant cascading and romantic Dip Cake Topper? You can go with any of the options you love.

  1. Purple Wedding Cake

A wedding with a purple theme also looks exquisite. The purple color looks so cool and loveable in nature. So imagine making your love day a fully endearing one. You can have various purple shades options.

You can get it with a pretty and delicious two-tiered wedding cake born to be daring and bold.

An entrancing purple wedding cake option that you can go with is the top tier layer that is textured with sweet purple buttercream, and the bottom layer is covered in a smooth violet delightful buttercream making it appetizing.

Take a piece of it and give your sweet mouth an unforgettable taste for life.

  1. Rose Gold Wedding Cake

Already bored of buttercream? For your wedding day celebration, you must try a rose gold wedding.

It would work dreamingly with the new metallic shades of copper. Most interestingly, rose gold is a delightful floral garland and trailing vines making it the most elegant to look and delicious to eat.

What about Rose Gold Macarons? At Pastreez we can match your wedding color theme and have dozens of macaron flavors on the menu. Check your options here.

  1. White and Gold Wedding Cake

You treasured your wedding day and are so excited to make it remarkable for the rest of your life. So add value to it by arranging a white and gold wedding cake with the same colored enthralling theme overall.

Doesn’t matter if you prefer fresh flowers or sugar, sweet blooms are the perfect and delicious accessory for your day to make it royal.

Guests perhaps forget the color of your dress, your first dance, but they will certainly remember how your cake looked and tasted at your reception.

Wedding cakes, both with flowers and greenery are the most credible and alluring show-stoppers that a bride or groom would love to go for.

If you are a spring bride, you perhaps go with the sunny yellow blooms and lilac on your reception that reminds a springtime garden event.

  1. Macaron Tower - Perfect Wedding cake idea

While classic cakes are always on the menu, people who want a unique cake for their special day, should go for a macaron wedding cake.

Macaron Tower Wedding Cake

This is a kind of macaron tower which makes a great combo when it comes to your reception. It looks alluring and trendy when it is brought to your wedding table display.

Since macarons are available in different colors you can go with any color that suits your wedding theme best. You can either opt to get a lovely-looking pink color macaron wedding cake or perhaps the blue one, or in multi-color macaron wedding cake to complement with your wedding theme.

In addition, a macaron tower is ideal because each piece of macaron is ready to be eaten, no need to cut the wedding cake.

At Pastreez, we are expert in macarons. It ships fresh to your door right in time for your event. Simply click "add event date" on the product page, and we'll ship accordingly.

Either it is a Macaron Tower or Macaron Wedding Favors, we got it all.

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Best Wedding Cake Flavors with Vast Embellishment Choices

Though vanilla cake or traditional chocolate cake are considered the best wedding cake flavors for ages, you can add value to your day by switching to the very popular and highly delightful, and delicious flavors as mentioned above. Add some sweet and lovely macarons to your cake which will give them a more pleasant taste.

Whether you want delicate flower wreaths, earthy feel, organically placed leafy vines, or want a more contemporary style wedding cake, you must choose your baker wisely. A Macaron Tower can give a smooth finish and add the finest details to your memorable wedding cake.

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