Macarons or Macaroons ?

Macarons or macaroons

Both are cookies. Both spelling similar. But so different in reality. In this blog spot we decided to zoom into the difference between Macarons and Macaroons. You won't be able to mistake anymore !

1- Origins 🇫🇷🇮🇹🇺🇸

Macarons were bring from Italy to France 🇫🇷 by the Chef of Catherine de Medicis, when she married the french King. Macaron is a french word, which comes from Italian word "Macaroni". At the beginning, it was a dry cookie without filling. Only when it arrived to France they started to upgrade macarons and became the "sandwich cookie" that we know today.

Macaroon is an English derivation of the french word "Macaron". The most popular story of this treat is an American twist of french macaron. Thanks to Indian imports in the 1800s, coconut became a hot item for bakers. It was quickly used to reinvent the original macaron recipe.

2- Ingredients

Meringue and Coconut based

Macarons are meringue based. Baking macarons requires a lot of patience. A key step is called "macaronage", where almonds and sugar are carefully folded into the meringue. We wrote a specific post about tips for baking macarons👌

Macaroons are coconut based. They are quite simple to bake. Within 10-20 min you can have great macaroons. Here is a great recipe we found online for you. You can also find some versions of it that require no baking.

 3- Characteristics and taste

Macarons and macaroon shell

Shells of macarons are delicate, eggshell-like crust with a delicious meringue inner texture. French macarons are not very crumbly : Easy and clean to eat !

If you bake some, a quick tip would be to let them cool down for few hours before filling. It prevents cracks, and shells will be easily removable from your pan sheet.

At Pastreez, we use local jam to fill our macarons, not cream or ganache. As a result our Macarons are dairy-free and healthier. They also last longer than the classic macarons. You can keep them up to ten days in or out of the fridge. As there is no dairy in it, it is not necessary to refrigerate it.

Macaroons are lumpy. They have a dense texture for a chewy feel. The taste is often crumbly and a bit messy to eat due to the coconut based ingredient. They can last up to 3 months if frozen.

4- Flavors and prices

Macarons and coconut Macaroons flavors

There is a large variety of macarons flavors. We can fill them with cream, jam, and mix it up with pretty colors. These treats are really cute and that's a huge part of their success.

Macarons are known as expensive treats. About $2.50 each. As an example, Ladurée sells each macaron $2.75. We will write a post soon about Ladurée and its process.. You will be surprise !

At Pastreez we want to disrupt this industry. We bring the cost to only $1.5, for a locally handmade productWe provide quality macarons at affordable price. You can customize your own box online here.

Macaroons are a bit cheaper and bigger. Around $1.50 per cookie. You can find them with chocolate-dipped, lemon flavored or squared.


That's it ! You know everything about Macarons and Macaroons. Leave us a comment and tell us which one is your favorite !

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