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Macaron tower stand FAQs


by Anthony · Updated Jan 26, 2024 · 5 min read

Table of contents

  1. How to make a macaron tower stand
  2. How many macarons fit on a tower
  3. Macaron tower vs Macaron tree
  • How to make a macaron tower stand

There are few easy steps to assemble a macaron tower stand. I've made a video to help you out!

There are a few steps to assemble it:

    1. Insert the first tier (bottom) into the second tier
    2. Repeat the same process, all the way up (at Pastreez we have a 4-tier tower and a 6-tier macaron tower)
    3. Once your tower is assembled, start placing your macarons at the bottom tier
    4. Repeat all the way up. Et voilà!

We recommend alternating bright colors, to create contrast. Your tower will "pop" more on your dessert table.

  • How many macarons fit on a tower

How many macarons fit on a tower

84 macarons fit on a 6-tier tower. Keep in mind, we only do authentic Parisian macarons at Pastreez. Their size is about 1.7 inches in diameter, and 1 inch high.

Some bakeries that make "American" macarons, they might be bigger, so your might have less macarons to fit on a tower.

It also depends on the macaron tower you get. I strongly recommend to order the tower stand with the macarons in the same bakery. This way, the baker can tell you for sure how many of their macarons fit on the tower they carry.

At Pastreez, we know it can be hard to find a proper tower stand with macarons.

That's why we made it simple for you: Our macaron tower pack includes a 6-tier tower and 84 macarons, which is the exact count of macarons you need for that specific display.

We also carry a smaller version: The 4-tier macaron tower set comes with the display and 36 macarons.

  • Macaron tower vs Macaron tree

Macaron tree vs macaron tower

We use macaron tower and macaron tree as synonyms, but they are slightly different.

A macaron tower will have the macarons "sitting" on each tier.

With a macaron tree, the macarons are supposed to be "standing" flat on the display, even sometimes glued to it.

I recommend towers, it is way easier for your guests to pick a macaron from it.

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