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by Anthony · Updated Jan 26, 2024 · 8 min read

Lady Yum macarons
Price At $25 for 10 macarons, the price is fair and in the average you can find online. It is $2.5 per macaron at Lady Yum.
Order process The website was smooth enough to order easily online.
Shipping Overpriced at $18 for a $25 order.
Transit Too long. Delivered 8 days after ordering. Paying $18 for shipping, I expected it to be there sooner.
Who is Lady Yum? Founder is identified and her story is good. Note that the macarons made here are not the authentic French macaron recipe
Unboxing Box is customized which is great. Insulated pouch to preserve the macarons is a good point.
Quality Poor quality. Every filling is a fat buttercream. Buttercream do not transit well. The filling has melted inside the tray.
Taste Most flavors taste the same (butter). The issue with a buttercream filling is the difficulty to overwhelm its taste. It's also too fat.

Lady Yum macarons are known in Seattle, Washington. The bakery is also shipping macarons in the United States.

In my quest for the best macaron delivery online, I review every macaron bakery that ships to my door.

Is Lady Yum worth it? I ordered macarons from this store, and here is my detailed review with pictures.

PS: If you are wondering what is a macaron, or wondering what do macarons taste like, watch this short video below!

  • Price

I purchased 10 macarons for $25 on Lady Yum website. The price is fair, compared to the average macaron cost online at $2.10.

Keep in mind macarons are expensive in general. This not due to its ingredients, which are almond flour, sugar and egg white. It is due to the extreme difficulty to make them.

  • Shipping and transit time

Lady Yum macarons shipping price

Shipping was way too expensive. For an item at $25, shipping was $18.

Most macaron bakeries will legitimate this cost because it ships with 2-day Fedex or UPS. There are plenty of solutions to actually keep shipping affordable for you, the customer.

At Pastreez, we believe you should have the choice of shipping method. We have over four different shipping rates, including express and Free shipping.

When you pay the high price for shipping, you have high expectations.

I paid $18 for 2-day shipping at Lady Yum. My package was delivered 6 days after the purchase. Ouch. See below the timeline:

  • Ordered on June 16th 2022 at 12:20pm
  • Shipped on June 20th 2022 at 3:12pm
  • Delivered on June 22th 2022 at 11:16am

Time in transit is great, 2 days with Fedex as advertised. But again, when you pay $18 shipping, you expect your order to ship sooner.

To be fair, they advertise on their website that orders ship either Monday or Wednesday. Okay.

But when you have only two days as shipping days, shipping should be more affordable.

  • Who is Lady Yum?

When you order macarons online, it is VERY important to know who you are ordering from.

Lady Yum is well identified on her website. Her story is fun which is good.

But nothing about the actual baking process. Do they bake by hand? Are they French? Do they use buttercream or ganache? Are your macarons frozen prior to ship?

I can answer these questions for you, since I've ordered from Lady Yum and did a full quality and taste review!

  • Lady Yum macarons unboxing 

Lady Yum macarons unboxing

Let's go. I received my package and immediately opened it.

The carton box is a typical corrugated box, which is ok. Inside the box, I found an insulated pouch with an ice pack, a macaron menu card, and the macarons packaged in a branded box.

Note that ice packs are useless. trust me. they stay cold about 12 hours and do not make any difference on a 2+ days delivery window.

It's more "psychological" than effective. 

In this best macarons study, we've seen that a lot. Macaron bakeries tend to add ice packs because they always use buttercream.

And butter do not transit well (you probably know it by now :)).

Lady Yum macarons packaging

The packaging is the good point of Lady Yum. The macaron tray is of good quality, and the sticker + ribbon are a great add-on.

      • Quality & taste

Now let's see if Lady Yum macarons are tasty!

      • Texture / Freshness

A macaron should be crunchy outside, and chewy inside. That is its signature taste. Otherwise we can't call it a macaron!

The texture of the macarons I received is closer to a cake than an actual macaron.

Lady Yum macarons quality

My guess, as usual, bakeries focus on profit rather than quality. Why is almost every bakery in this study freeze their macarons?

I know why. To make huge batches of thousands of macarons, freeze them for months, and let it thaw while in transit to your door.

This is why you can see wet macarons like these. The water from thawing is released and the shells get wet.

Lady Yum macarons review

the result is a macaron that is not one anymore: It has lost his exterior crunch.

So no, the macarons from Lady Yum do not ship fresh. They ship frozen to your door.

In addition, note that Lady Yum chose to make buttercream filling. And butter has a tendency to not transit well.. See for yourself.

Lady Yum macarons review

The buttercream has "wet" the macaron tray. A buttercream filling will always be less tasty than a ganache.

Butter alters the taste, and will add a "fat" taste in mouth, where the white chocolate of the ganache will be more creamy.

      • Flavor and color

Lady Yum Macarons full review

The variety of color at Lady Yum was great. Different fun flavors and different colors. It was easy enough to identify which is what with the help of the macaron menu.

But the taste, as I stated earlier, was roughly the same for all of them. Without the menu, it would be impossible to recognize the flavor with its taste.

At Pastreez, French chefs handcraft each macaron and it ships fresh to your door.

      • Macarons feet / size

Lady Yum macarons size

The macarons are round and size is about 1.8 inches in diameter, which is good.

      • My conclusion

Lady Yum is decent. But it looks like your average "macarons" at Makarohn, Dana's bakery and many more bakeries.

The issue is always the same: Too much butter used in the filling, and most importantly they ship frozen macarons to your door.

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