Gender reveal cake ideas (2024 update)


by Anthony · Updated Jan 26, 2024 · 7 min read

In this blog post, I present nine unique and creative gender reveal cake ideas that will add an extra touch of creativity to your special moment.

These exclusive ideas are sure to make your gender reveal party a memorable and Instagram-worthy event. Let's dive into it!

Table of contents

  1. Watercolor cake
  2. Gender reveal macaron tower
  3. Digital scratch-off card (bonus)
  4. Piñata surprise cake
  5. Rainbow explosion cake
  6. Charming-cupcake-assortment
  7. Conclusion
  • Watercolor cake

Balloon gender reveal cake

One of the most delightful ways to reveal the gender of your baby is through a watercolor cake.

On the outside, it would be a neutral color, like cream white. On the inside, it will be either blue or pink.

The color will be revealed only when you cut the cake!

Throughout the post, you'll see two schools: DIY (do it yourself at home), or buy it either online or near your house.

Needless to say, most gender reveal cakes would be a DIY. But hang on you might be surprised.

For watercolor cakes like these, I could only find a DIY recipe. No bakery delivery these to your door.

But if you don't have time to make your own cake, find a local bakery.

They should be able to make it custom for you. The average price would be around $50, for a 8-person cake.

  • Gender reveal macaron tower

Gender reveal cake idea

Surprise your guests with a stunning gender reveal macaron tower from Pastreez.

We know it is hard to find authentic gender reveal cake ideas. Either you have no bakery near you, or you don't have time to make it at home.

At Pastreez, we know you're busy. That's why we made it easy for you to order.

For example, you can order weeks in advance. Just click "add event date" and we'll ship fresh accordingly. This way, no more stress over dessert when the deadline comes.

Also, we delivery fresh to your door in the entire United States. We typically send these to be delivered few days before your event, to avoid any delay.

Then, just refrigerate and serve at room temperature for the best experience!

The macaron tower is also very easy to assemble. It ships safely packaged, with a 6-tier tower on the side to assemble when the time comes.

One last thing about the macarons, it's an amazing gender reveal gift idea as well. We have a macaron favor box that includes 2 macarons. They are the perfect fit as a gift to your guests!

  • Digital Scratch-off cards (bonus)

Digital scratch-off cards

This is not a cake idea, but a little bonus.

Some of us have families and friends in other states, or countries. I found this digital scratch-off card on Etsy, and thought it was great!

Simply put, you send this link out, and anyone clicking on it will have to scratch and interact with the page to discover if it's a boy or a girl.

  • Piñata Surprise cake

Gender reveal piñata cake

Now we all know this decorative figure, suspended that we have to break open to reveal candies or toys.

What I personally did not know about prior my research, is an actual gender reveal piñata cake!

The outer shell is hard, made of chocolate. Inside, you can put whatever you want, as long as it is either pink or blue, so your guests can find out about the baby's gender.

It's a pretty fun idea when you think about it. I like the fact that you have to break chocolate to reveal the big news.

It gives a "pop" to your party, and you can even do it with your loved one, which is not the case if you need to cut a cake for example.

It would be a very special order for a bakery, as they are not very common. But I found this piñata cake recipe if you want to give it a try at home.

  • Rainbow Explosion cake

Gender reveal explosion cake

Add a touch of vibrant colors to your gender reveal party with a rainbow explosion cake.

The good news is, you can either buy it, or DIY. I found this store that make custom rainbow explosion cakes, so you can add pink or blue instead of rainbow interior.

Note that this store is only located in big cities, like Los Angeles and New York. If you don't leave nearby, they won't deliver it to you.

In this case, I found this rainbow cake recipe that you could adapt to your gender reveal party. Just switch food coloring by blue or pink.
  • Charming Cupcake Assortment

Gender reveal cupcakes

If you're looking for individual portions and a variety of flavors, consider a charming cupcake assortment for your gender reveal.

Bake a batch of cupcakes, with each one having a different filling color inside, representing either pink or blue.

I found this recipe that you can use to DIY. But you can also purchase baked by Melissa cupcakes, they deliver nationwide.

  • Conclusion

This is it! Whether you bake it or buy it, planning a gender reveal party is an exciting moment.

Choose the one that resonates with your style. Make sure you decide early on whether you prefer to DIY or to buy it online.

You can't imagine at Pastreez how many last minute orders we get to fulfill your gender reveal needs. If you plan earlier, you get free shipping :)

Any question, please chat now with me!

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