Bluey Cookie Ideas (and more)


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  1. Baby Shark Cookies
  2. Toy Story Cookies
  3. Among Us Cake
  4. Fortnite Cake & Cookies
  5. Cookie Monster Cake
  6. Team Girl & Team Boy Macarons
  7. Bluey Cookies
  8. Baby Yoda Cake
  9. SpongeBob Cookies
  10. Harry Potter Cookies

Children love cartoons and having them in cookies will bring smiles to any child’s face.

So, is your child celebrating their birthday? Do you want to do something special to add more fun and excitement to the day?

Cartoon cookies and cakes are great options. Of course, you can also get them cartoon cookies for other special occasions.

By the way, Easter is on the way, and having these delicious snacks will make your kids’ day.

To help you get your creative juice flowing as to cookies and cake ideas to explore in 2023, we have curated 10 different stunning options. Let us get started with the fun cookies and cake ideas!

  • Baby Shark Cookies

Baby shark cookies

You cannot but love these cute and delicious baby shark cookies. Baked in the shape of baby sharks and beautified in colorful icing, every bite of these baby shark theme sugar cookies will delight your taste bud.

Each cookie is hand-rolled, hand-cut, and hand-decorated with edible images and colorful royal icing.

You can customize them for special events and choose your preferred color. What better way to add colors and fun to your child’s event?

Of course, these baby shark cookies will make a world of difference.

  • Toy Story Cookies

Toy Story cookies

Give a child a toy and you have made their day! Every child loves toys and when you make a set of toy story cookies a part of their parties, you are sure to take the excitement a notch higher.

These toy story cookies are a perfect addition to your child’s party. A set comes with a dozen cookies featuring different designs.

They include Toy Story logo, Buzz outfit, Woody outfit, Pizza Planet rocket, Mr. Potato head, Slinky, Alien, Age for number, and Personalized Etch a Sketch.

You can choose from the variety of flavors available, including confetti, lemon, chocolate, chocolate chip, almond, marble, and classic vanilla.

You can also customize it with the name and age of your child to make it more personalized.

  • Among Us Cake

Among us cake

Being a vegan does not mean you cannot have delicious delicacies on your special day and the same goes for your child.

This Among Us cake is an absolute vegan piece and every bite is a taste of heaven.

It is baked based on order, which means you can choose the flavor, filling, topper, and edible message. 

The available flavors include chocolate, vanilla, confetti, red velvet, and carrot. The filling options available include chocolate, guava, chocolate & cream, raspberry preserves, strawberry preserves, vanilla, and lemon pie.

  • Fortnite Cake & Cookies

Fortnite cookies

Is your family made up of Fortnite gamers? Then the perfect fun addition to your next family event is the Fortnite cake & cookies.

These lip-smacking cookies are perfect for any event – birthday, family reunion, Easter, Christmas, or even Thanksgiving! Whatever party you are planning, Fortnite cookies would make it more fun and exciting. 

A set of cookies includes a dozen sugar cookies with Fortnite images topping. You can choose your flavor and filling.

You can also request that the cookies and cake be customized to your preference. You can be sure that your loved ones, especially your kids, will love this gift.

Cookie monster cake

Imagine a chocolate cake surrounded by delicious homemade buttercream and cookies and then topped with more cookies and dark chocolate drip? Heavenly! That is what you get with this Cookie Monster Cake.

Delicious in and out with buttery fillings that will make you keep going back for more cuts.

You can choose your preferred colors and size of cake. Your party guests will surely want a bite of this special cookie monster cake.

  • Team Girl & Team Boy Macarons

Team girl and team boy macarons

Pink has always been associated with girls and blue for boys. You do not have to change the status quo for your child’s party.

There is enough color pink and blue to go round! So, is your child a team pinky or team blue? 

Whatever is the gender, these Team Girl & Team Boy Macarons would be a delicious addition to their birthday or any special occasion in your family.

These are genuine French macarons built to match your party theme.

You can customize them to include your child’s favorite flavor. By the way, if you want a combination of colors, you can be sure to get your preferred colors.

All macarons are freshly baked, so freshness is guaranteed in every bite. Pink macarons and blue macarons are both available on our store. It ships fresh in the entire United States.

These baby shower cake ideas are also an option.

  • Bluey Cookies

Bluey cookies

Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of cartoon characters already developed and Bluey is one of the exciting ones among children.

If your child is celebrating their birthday or having their friends over, you may want to add their favorite Bluey cartoon in the menu plan.

With these Bluey Cookies, your kids and their friends will have a field day of fun and happiness. Each cookie comes individually to retain the freshness.

The minimum order is one dozen and you can customize the colors based on your preference. You can also request that the name and age should be customized to give a personalized feel to it.

  • Baby Yoda Cake

Baby yoda cake

Wondering about a cute and unique birthday cake to have on your child’s birthday? Baby Yoda Cake is a good choice you may want to consider.

It comes in different sizes, which means you can have it as big or as small as you want.

You can also choose from various flavors, including carrot cake, chocolate chip cookie dough, gluten-free vanilla, gluten-free chocolate, megafetti, plain jane, and more. You can also choose a preferred color and customize it with text.

  • SpongeBob Cookies

Spongebob and patrick pineapple cookies

Remember the all-time favorite SpongeBob SquarePants? Well, you can have them in cookies! Your kids are going to love the taste and the experience.

Whatever is the event, the SpongeBob cookies will fit in perfectly. Of course, there are many DIY tutorials online with a guide on how to make it from scratch. 

However, you can save yourself the stress by simply ordering a set online. You are guaranteed the freshest and mouthwatering cookies that connect with your kids and even adults on a special level.

Are you planning your child’s birthday? Consider adding these cookies as part of the treats for the day. Your kid and their friends are sure to love every delicious bite!

  • Harry Potter Cookies

Harry Potter cookies

Last but not least, these wizard-themed Harry Potter cookies are on our list of cartoon cookies and cake ideas in 2023.

These are undoubtedly a delight for all Harry Potter fans. Is your child a huge fan of Harry Potter? Then you may want to surprise them with this set of cookies.

 Made with delicious chocolate with a taste like a freshly baked fudge brownie, you can bet that your party guests will love to have a taste.

Each cookie is hand-rolled, baked, and hand-decorated with Almond flavored royal icing.

They are also airbrushed to create an antiqued shadow effect.

A set contains a dozen of cookies and you can order more dozens, depending on the size of your guests.

There you have our list of top ten cartoon cookies and cake ideas in 2023. So, which of these are you considering for your child’s next birthday?

Whichever option you go for, you can be sure that it will be fun and your child and their party guests would love it.

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