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Best Crêpes near me (2024 update)


by Anthony · Updated Jan 26, 2024 · 6 min read


Best crêpe near me
Authenticity, Taste & Quality
Price & Shipping

100% handcrafted by Parisian Chefs in California.

Crepes are authentic French size (13in diameter) and quality.

Both chefs are certified Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

Each crepe is about $8 each. Considering quality and size, price is fair.

The crepes ship fresh to your door in the US.

Flat rate shipping of $9.90, UPS 3 day air is $19.90, 2nd day air is $39.90, and Next day air is $59.90.

Free Economy shipping over $69.


Bakerly is owned by a French group called Norac Foods, which operates in many countries. Julien & Fabian are the head of Bakerly in the US.

Very thin and small rectangular crepe. Not the same one you'd find in Paris.

Small amount of filling in each crepe.

Bakerly distributes its products in Walmarts across the US.

Competitive price at about $3.99 for 6 crepes.

Bakerly provides low cost French baked goods available at Walmart in the US, and on their website.

Shipping is flat rate $6.95, and free shipping over $35.

No expedite shipping option.



Ihope is a big corporation with franchises around the US, that sells pancakes and crepes.

Those crepes are better in quality than Bakerly, but lack in authenticity.

$11.49 for a Strawberry & cream crepe (fair pricing).

If you have a Ihop store near you, great. If not, they sadly don't ship fresh nationwide.

Crepe Delicious

Crepe Delicious is a US company that sells crepes and gelato. With over 20 franchise locations in the East Coast, the place seems legit.

Fairly priced, with an average of $6.50 for a Nutella crêpe.

Sweet Paris

Sweet Paris is a Houston Texas based crêperie, founded by Ivan & Allison Chavez in 2012.

The couple is from Mexico. They saw an opportunity to build a Crepe Franchise business (source) according to this article.

The company has 10 locations (6 franchisees) between Texas, Oklahoma and Mexico.

The cost of a Nutella Crepe with Strawberry is $9.50.

Since it is not a French chef made, it feels slightly expensive (no authenticity).

Sweet Paris do not ship fresh nationwide.

I've been asked this question a lot: Where to buy crepes near me? So I've decided to review the most famous crêperies in the USA.

Whether it's an online crepe store, such as Bakerly or Pastreez, or brick and mortar franchises, like iHop or Sweet Paris, I ordered from them and detail it all to help you find the best fit.

My name is Anthony, and I'm the French chef at Pastreez. We are an online bakery specialized in Macarons & Crepes.

Pastreez is based in Phelan, California, and we ship fresh nationwide in the US.

Table of content

  • Pastreez Authentic Crepes

Crêpes to ship by Pastreez

    Pastreez is fairly new to crepes online, but we are experienced French chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Paris. After opening our online bakery in 2017, we released Crepes recently. Both macarons and crepes are available for nationwide shipping in the US.

    To be fair in the review process, I will stop here! Instead, I will simply share few links about Pastreez reviews, and what others in the industry say about us.

    • Bakerly Crepe Review

    Bakerly crêpes review & unboxing

    Do you know who is Bakerly?

    This wholesale bakery was founded in 2015. It is own by a French group named Norac foods. It operates mostly in France, UK and Spain, and provides baked goods to supermarkets and wholesalers.

    The head of Bakerly in the US is Julien & Fabian, who are related to the historic founders of Norac Foods.

    To put it in a nutshell, Bakerly is a wholesaler of baked goods in the US. Walmart is one of its most famous retailer. Let's now review Bakerly crepes.

        • Bakerly unboxing

    Bakerly Crepe unboxing

    You can order from Bakerly at Walmart. But for this review, I ordered directly from their website, to check on the full experience.

    The box was made correctly, with a custom branded tape. Inside the box, there was no insulated pouch, no air cushions and no ice packs.

     I ordered all crepe flavors from Bakerly: Chocolate hazelnut filled crepes, strawberry filled crepes, caramel filled with crispy ceral balls, and chocolate hazelnut filled crepes.

    Bakerly crepe unboxing

    Each crepe package from Bakerly contains 6 small crepes. Now let's detail the crepes quality and taste.

        • Crêpe quality & taste

    Each crêpe from Bakerly was previously frozen and thawed. See below:
      Bakerly frozen crepes

      Don't hope for fresh and tasty crepes when you buy from Bakerly. On the back of the package, you can read "this product was frozen and thawed, please do not refreeze". This means those crêpes were made a while ago and frozen, probably for months, since it is mass produced.

        Thin crepe from Bakerly

        Those crepes from Bakerly are very, very thin. In fact, I could see my hand through it.

        Crepes are not supposed to be this thin. I guess that is what you get when you pay $3.99 for 6 crepes.

        In addition, the crepe was rectangular. I feel like the crepe batter was extended to the maximum before breaking, to save on ingredients.

        Thin crepe from bakerly

        An authentic crepe should be about 13 inches diameter.

        The crepe was also very dry. I think it comes from the thawing process. I honestly have to say: This crepe from Bakerly has nothing to do with an Authentic crepe from France.

         On the filling side, same thing. Taste was ok but quantity was very small and slightly melted.

        Crepe filling from Bakerly

        I would consider this as a small snack, rather than a real crêpe.

        • Ihop Review

        Ihop review

        Who is Ihop and what does it mean?

         Ihop is an American Corporation that sells pancakes and crepes. In fact, "Ihop" means International House of Pancakes (source Wikipedia).

         While this multinational is specialized in breakfast food and desserts, they only recently started crepes.

         All that being said, Ihop do not offer shipping. Lucky for me, there was an Ihop near me.

        Ihop crepe review

        The "to go" packaging was good. It's a branded black plastic box, big enough to contain the crepe and its toppings.

        I ordered a single Nutella Crepe from Ihop. On the first look, the crepe itself looks great, slightly brown and beige colored.

        They had put the Nutella on top of the crêpe. Traditionally in France, Nutella is spread inside the crepe, then rolled or folded. But it's not a big deal.

        Ihop Crepe Review

        I'd also like to mention, Crepes from Ihop are very small. They are pancake sized and fit into your hand.

        A genuine crêpe from France is about 13 inches in diameter. The crepe batter was smooth and light. I would have add a bit more Nutella, but overall, the experience was good.

        To sum up, Ihop crepes are good, but small. One big drawback is that they don't ship their crepes nationwide. So if you can't answer the question is there an Ihop near me, you won't be able to order from them.

        At Pastreez, we ship Authentic French crêpes nationwide in the USA.

        • Crepe Delicious Review

          Who is Crepe Delicious?

          Crepe Delicious is a US based company that was in 2004. They sell gelato and crepes in their 20+ franchises locations, mostly in the East coast of the US and Canada.

          They do sweet crêpes and savory crêpes. Since Crepe Delicious offer only on-site / pick up and no crepe delivery, I wasn't able to give it a try.

          From my research online, I can tell that the place is legit. Quality seems to be a comment that come up most of the time in the reviews I've seen on Yelp.

          That being said, remember this is a franchise store. It means that each and everyone are not necessarily a baker or French chef.

          There is not much information about the story behind Crepe Delicious on its website. Upon further digging, Oded Yefet is the founder and CEO of Crepe Delicious.

          If you have a location near by, you should give it a try. If not, you can always order Pastreez Authentic Crepes, we ship fresh nationwide.

          • Sweet Paris Crepe Review

            Who is Sweet Paris?

            Sweet Paris was created in 2012 by a Mexican couple in Houston, Texas. They now have 10 locations including 6 franchisees.

            This crêperie is focused on a "Paris like" décor and concept. While none of the founders are chefs nor French, the design was made with taste.

            After some research, they have 4 stars out of 5 with 1008 reviews on Yelp. The place seems legit with great comments.

            • Best Crepes near me: Summary

                To sum up, most creperies are still on a brick and mortar business model, allowing only in store orders and pick up.

                Even if the products are way different, Pastreez & Bakerly do provide Crepes delivered to your door.

                I also note that most crêperies mention "Paris" or "France" in their marketing. There is a lack of authenticity here, since very few actually have French chefs that make the crepes.

                Are you ready to order crepes? For any order over $42, we offer 7 macarons Free. Don't wait and redeem below!

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