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Pregnancy announcement cookies


by Anthony · Updated Jan 25, 2024 · 6 min read


  1. Calendar and Onesie
  2. Pink and Blue Cookies
  3. Timer Set Cookies
  4. Macarons Gift Box
  5. Black and White Pregnancy Cookies Set
  6. Neutral Bun in the Oven
  7. Colorful Family Pregnancy Announcement Cookies
  8. Positive Pregnancy & Ultrasound Test Cookies
  9. Pale Green Baby Announcement Cookies

Pregnancy announcement cookies have a double sweetness to them. First, they are super delicious and pretty.

Second, they are the perfect tools to announce the sweet news of the little one on the way to the family and friends.

We have curated over nine unique pregnancy announcement cookies that you can consider when you want to break the news of your pregnancy to loved ones.

  • Calendar and Onesie

Calendar and Onesie

Adorable and creative – these cookies have it all. A set contains cookies that do all the talking about your baby’s arrival.

It is a perfect way to tell your family the exact day they will become uncles, aunties, a grandmother, or a grandfather.

Calendar and Onesie cookies are made with vanilla royal icing. You can choose your colors based on your preference.

  • Pink and Blue Cookies

Pink And Blue Baby Shower Cookies

Are you expecting a set of twins? These adorable pink and blue cookies are a great choice for your baby announcement party.

It comes with a set of cookies made into custom shapes and colors associated with babies. These cookies are as delicious as they are adorable.

If you're looking for pink and blue macarons, these are available to ship fresh nationwide.

  • Timer Set Cookies

Timer set cookies

Containing three sets of delicious cookies, the Timer Set Cookies feature teeny onesies and cute love that symbolizes your baby.

The timer is set for your delivery to let your family know when you are expecting your little bun. You can customize the cookies with the right date and your preferred color.

  • Macarons Gift Box

Macaron gift box

Delicate and delicious in every sense of the word, the Macarons gift box is perfect for baby announcement cookies anytime.

They are hand-made and come in various flavors, including chocolate, coconut, cherry, and more.

You can choose up to 20 flavors to have in your pack. Every guest at your baby announcement party will love to have a bite.

I recently ordered from every macaron bakery and did a full comparison review with pictures.

By the way, they are also gluten-free. Today only, get 7 macarons Free. Redeem below!

  • White and Gold Text Cookies

White and gold text cookies

Do you want to leave your guests to put the news together like a puzzle? Then these white and gold text cookies will do the trick. You can customize the cookies with scripts announcing your pregnancy news.

Let your family put the puzzle pieces together as they try to make meaning out of the text on the dozen cookies. It is an excellent way to give your baby an announcement.

  • Black and White Pregnancy Cookies Set

Black and White Pregnancy Cookies Set

These simple but stylish pregnancy cookies are perfect for a surprise announcement. Just open the box and bask in the surprise expressions on the faces of your family.

The cookies come in different flavors, including lemon, chocolate, vanilla, and coconut. You have the freedom to customize a dozen cookies with whatever items you want to feature.

  • Neutral Bun in the Oven

Neutral Bun in the Oven

Are you looking for a set of pregnancy cookies that let you announce your pregnancy without revealing the gender? The Neutral Bun in the Oven cookies is a fun way to do it.

A pack contains different baby items with a timer and a calendar. They come in different flavors, such as chocolate chip, vanilla, cake batter, lemon, and brownie.

  • Colorful Family Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

Colorful Family Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

If you want to break your pregnancy news to your whole family, the colorful family pregnancy announcement cookies are the best choice. The cookies are a great way to make them feel special about their place in your baby’s life. 

  • Positive Pregnancy & Ultrasound Test Cookies

Positive Pregnancy & Ultrasound Test Cookies

Make the baby announcement more exciting with these positive pregnancy & ultrasound test cookies. A pack comes with mini sugar cookies of baby ultrasound and a positive pregnancy test. What better and more creative way to break the exciting news of your pregnancy?

  • Pale Green Baby Announcement Cookies

Pale Green Baby Announcement Cookies

If you are not a great fan of bright colors, you can choose these Pale Green baby announcement cookies. Featuring four pairs of onesies, calendars, and hearts, you can customize them to include the month and date of your baby’s arrival. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, these cookies will work perfectly fine.

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