The recipe

Our macarons are very special : They are Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free. Under 50 Calories each. No cream. No butter. We stuff them with local preserves. It makes the whole more tasty. Here is how we make macarons !

The meringue


 Our meringue is made with eggs white and cane sugar.

In this picture, we are adding powdered sugar and Californian almond powder. As you can see, it's a team work 👌😅





We pipe each macaron by hand with love ❤️ !

We next move the plate vigorously to have a round shape. Then we put the macarons in the oven for about 14 minutes.

 Piping is an important step of the process. We need to make sure we evacuate all the air bubbles.



Quality control☝️


Aren't they pretty ? In fact, not all of them are ! Baking macarons is not an exact science.

It depends on a lot of factors like temperature, humidity, timing, etc.It's our job to select the perfect ones just for you.



Jam Session 🍓🍋

 We now stuff our macarons with local preserves. 12+ flavors all year long (check the flavors here !)

We also add seasonal fruits flavors. All our macarons flavors are Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free.



🚚 Time to Deliver !

Just the time to fill your box with 20 delicious treats, and we ship it !

Every macaron is baked upon order within a day.

Depending on your location, the delivery takes from 1 to 4 Business Days. 




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