Copy of Authentic French Crêpes

After years of perfecting macarons, we are proud to release our Signature French crêpes.

Lots of you were always asking, where can I find crêpes near me. We realized that despite its popularity, there were no quality French crêpes online.

Carousel authentic French crêpes near me by Pastreez

We came up with a signature colorful crêpe, filled with tasty flavors. The crêpe is vacuum sealed to preserves freshness.

Every bite will bring you to the streets of Paris! This first batch has only:

  • 50 x Nutella crêpes
  • 50 x Strawberry crêpes
  • 50 x Apricot crêpes
  • 50 x Apple Cinnamon crêpes

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Anthony. French chef at Pastreez.