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Tarte Tatin Recipe

French Tarte Tatin Recipe

Preparation: 30 min. | Bake: 1h 05 min.  | 10 Servings | Difficulty: Easy
Tarte Tatin is an original Apple Pie that is famous because it is baked upside down. It has been found by "mistake" by the Tatin sisters, in 1898. Overwhelmed in the kitchen, Stephanie, one of the sisters, baked for too long the apples. Trying to hide her mistake, she put dough on top of it and decided to keep baking. Her guests loved the results. Let's try this easy Tarte Tatin recipe Today at home.
French Tarte Tatin Recipe


For the apples:

    • 4 Apples
    • 5.3oz of butter
    • 5.3oz of sugar
    • Half tsp of cinnamon
    • Pie Dough (Soon a post on how to make your own Pie dough)

    Preparation of the apples

      • Peel your apples, cut it in half and empty it
      • Heat the sugar and butter in a big pan. Add the cinnamon and keep heating until caramelization
      • Add the apples and cook it for 10 minutes
      • Pre-Heat your oven at 428°F (therm. 7-8). Butter your mold then add sugar
      • Add the Apples in the mold, real tight, and sprinkle Powdered sugar. Bake it for 45 minutes

    Preparation of your Pie Dough

      • Put the Pie dough and cut a circle a bit larger than your mold diameter. Refrigerate it.
      • Put out your mold from the oven, let it chill. Then put the dough on top of the mold.
      • Pass the rolling pin on top of the dough to remove the extra dough. Bring down your oven to 390°F (therm. 6-7) and cook it for 20 minutes
      • Let it chill for at least 4 hours. Then unmold the Tarte Tatin
      • Voilà!

    French Tarte Tatin Recipe

    Please comment if you need more advice about this recipe. We'll be happy to see your results!

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