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Preparation for Piping - Secret Tips

Piping is a very important moment when making macarons. Learn how to prepare your piping bag for this crucial step.

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In this video, you will see an easy way to keep all your macarons batter inside your piping. You will have to get:

  • A piping bag
  • A tip (804 Ateco brand)
  • scissors
  • A big enough recipient

Cut your piping bag at about 2 inches from the top. Insert the tip from the opening. Once your tip reaches the bottom of your bag, twist the piping bag inside the tip. This simple trick will prevent your batter from running everywhere in your kitchen.

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  • Dayang Hilman

    Thanks for sharing and appreciate it so much♡

  • Liz

    What size tip do u recomend

  • Khadija

    Thank you

  • Nahla Malik

    Thanx alot for all the tips

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