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6 ways to find the best macaron delivery in 2021

6 ways to find the best macaron delivery

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    When it comes to macarons, I’m really exigent. In this blog post, I detail six ways to find the best macaron delivery in 2021.

    • Freshness

    Fresh macarons

    Freshness is everything. Whether you buy bulk macarons or a small quantity, It is so important that you will feel the difference between fresh vs frozen macarons.

    A macaron that is not shipped fresh will lose the crunchy outside / chewy inside balance. Instead, when it ships frozen, the texture will be mostly chewy.

    It can easily be explained. All food contains water. When you freeze an item, its water will go solid. Bakeries that freeze their macarons can then produce in bulk, freeze the macarons and ship months later when a customer orders.

    But the thing is, you can feel the difference with macarons. Remember, the shells have to be crunchy, while inside is chewy. When you unfreeze a macaron, water will go back from solid to liquid, and “wet” the shell. This is why frozen macarons will never have that macaron signature taste.

    Before purchasing macarons online, make sure to ask your favorite bakery if they ship fresh, or if the macarons were previously frozen. You might be surprised!

    • Handmade

    Handmade macarons at Pastreez

    When ordering macarons, ask yourself if you’re okay with bulk items. Bulk items, in our case macarons made by depositors in bulk, will 99% of the time have the same shape. Which can be a great advantage!

    Handmade products are unique. Even if handmade macarons will not be perfect, knowing that a chef handcrafted it with love in its bakery might make a difference to you.

    Since the baker is in constant contact with the product, quality control is more efficient for handcrafted items.

    • Experienced baker

    French chefs at Pastreez

    Macarons were created in France almost 500 years ago, when Catherine De Medicis brought the shells from Italy to France to marry the king Henry II.

    When she arrived in Paris, she shared the “macaroni” recipe (macaron shell) with the king’s chef. He then got the idea to add a filling between two shells. Macarons were born!

    Now you don’t have to be French to make good macarons. Plenty of bakeries have wonderful chefs that do an amazing job.

    But if you’re looking for the full Authentic Parisian Macarons experience, you might want to take this into consideration. It’s a little bit of Paris history that you are ordering!

    My personal opinion, I like authenticity. If I want good Korean food, I’ll go to a Korean restaurant with Korean chefs. Same with Japanese. Same with Mexican. Same with Italian. Same with macarons :)

    • Macaron Flavors

    This is where your personal taste is important. Innovative flavors can be a game changer.

    Macaron flavors

    Do you really want to try a Cheetos Macaron? If the answer is yes, certain bakeries like Ladurée, Pastreez or even Pierre Hermé won’t be for you. Oh and yes, Cheetos macaron is a real thing!

    The cursor will vary from authentic flavors to funny flavors. Authentic macarons flavors would be like salted caramel, Strawberry, Pistachio, Tiramisu, etc.

    Funny macarons flavors would be like Lucky charms, Birthday cake or Strawberry cheesecake.

    And between those, you will find seasonal flavors very appealing too. It would be like Caramel Pistachio, Lavender, Matcha tea, etc.

    To find the right bakery that fits your needs, look at their menu. It should be updated monthly with seasonal flavors. It will give you a good idea of the type of flavors they carry all year long.

    • Price

    You are aware that macarons are pricey. Ingredients themselves are not that expensive: Sugar, Almond flour and egg white. But the process and technique to make macarons are very challenging.

    Learning how to make macarons is very difficult, especially when you need to be consistent with your batches.

    In addition, the recipe is extremely sensitive to humidity and temperature. So it has to be adapted depending on the season, or if it has recently rained, etc.

    Prices range from $1.5 to $3.3 each. Now you have to be aware that the more expensive is not necessarily the best. It is most of the time a marketing strategy to make you think you buy quality.

    Dig a little bit on the brand you choose to buy from: Are they experienced chefs? Reviews? Do they ship fresh? Is it handmade? What is the size of the macaron?

    • Shipping

    Fresh Macaron Delivery

    This is the tricky part. Shipping macarons is a real challenge. But it is our duty to make it affordable to you customers.

    Most bakeries will have about $9 for shipping fee. You would even qualify for Free Shipping on orders over a certain amount (free shipping on $69+ orders at Pastreez).

    What I recommend is to look for options. It doesn’t seem fair to have a single fee at $19.90 for example. Sometimes, you order in advance, and you are not in a rush to receive your order.

    Other times, you would need expedited because it’s a last minute gift. Either way, the bakery you chose to buy from should give you options when it comes to shipping: Economy shipping, 3 day air with UPS, Next day Air, etc.

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