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French Lemon Cake - The Week-End

French Lemon Cake Recipe

Preparation: 30 min. | Bake: 30 min. | Difficulty: Easy
Cakes, Week-ends, Financiers or Quatre-Quarts.. These cakes are easy to carry, and by definition you can take them anywhere without problems of conservation. Simple to make and very soft, they will fit perfectly into your purse or backpack.
You can make Week-ends with many flavors. Today we'll make them with Lemons.
Lemon French Cake


For your Batter:

    • 4 Eggs
    • Zest of 4 Lemons
    • 6oz of Sugar
    • 6oz of Flour
    • A pinch of Baking Powder
    • 5.6oz of Melted Butter
    • 0.7oz of Butter (for the mold 1/2)
    • 0.7oz of Flour (for the mold 2/2)
    • Mold Needed: 3 small rectangular ones 


    • Pre-heat your oven at 360°F (Therm.6). Melt the 0.7oz of Butter in a pan. Brush your mold with butter, then add Flour.
    • Put your Eggs in a big bowl. Add the Lemon Zest.
    • Whip and then add the sugar while keep whipping. Keep going until your batter is white and Thick
    • Mix the Baking Powder and the Flour. Then add it to your Batter.
    • Add the 6oz of Melted Butter and keep whipping.
    • Put the Batter in your Mold (3/4 of your Mold)
    • Put your Mold(s) in the oven for 30 minutes. Unmold the Cakes and let your Week-end(s) cool down.
    • Voilà !

Lemon French Cake

Please comment if you need more advice about this recipe. We'll be happy to see your results!

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