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Crepe vs Pancake

Crepes vs pancakes

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Crepes vs. Pancake: What is the Difference?

Brunch time often leaves you with plenty of choices but when it comes to choosing between crepes and pancakes, it can be a huge decision to make.

Both have flour-based batters with eggs and milk and you pour both into a pan, griddle, or skillet and cook until they are firm enough to flip or roll. They are both delicious and nutritious and you are likely to get more than a few bites. 

One distinct characteristic between both is that while the American-style pancake is fluffy, fleshy, and thick, the French crepe is delicate and wafer-thin. This post compares both and draws the distinctive difference between a crepe and a pancake.

What is a Crepe?

If you ask the question – what is a crepe? You are not asking amiss. It may sound a bit eccentric to some people but the truth is that not everyone knows about crepes. Many diners believe that crepe is the French version of the pancake but that is not entirely the case. So, what is a crepe? Crepes are made with flour, milk, and egg being the base ingredients. 

These ingredients make the thin and smooth crepe batter. The batter is left to sit for one to three hours to achieve a smoothness that ensures the right texture. It is then spread thinly over the base of a hot pan.

You can tilt the pan to ensure the batter spreads across to create a smooth paper-thin texture known as crepes. It comes with different fillings, such as Nutella, and Strawberry, among others.

What are the Differences between Crepe and Pancake?

Whether you prefer the wafer-thin crepes or the fluffy pancakes, you are sure to find endless variants of both. Perhaps, you are not sure if there is any difference between the two; this part of the post will look at the major differences to help you differentiate between the crepe and pancake.

Crepe vs. Pancake: The Origin of Both

Crepes are of French origin and they are a special delicacy in France. It is paper-thin and flat and is mainly served rolled or folded up in a triangle with a variety of savory and sweet filling.

Pancakes, on the other hand, are of American origin. The first recipe that was recorded was in a 1700 cookbook. Pancakes are often served stacked on each other.

Crepe vs. Pancake: Ingredients

Ingredients are the major differences between crepes and pancakes. Crepes are made without a leavening/raising agent, while pancakes use raising agents, like baking powder or baking soda.

Traditionally, they are made with buckwheat flour but chefs sometimes use all-purpose wheat flour to prepare the sweet variants. Pancakes, on the flip side, are only made with all-purpose wheat flour.

Crepe vs. Pancake: Size and Shape

One other distinct difference between the two is the size. A crepe is larger in diameter when compared to pancakes. They are usually folded or rolled up with a filling and are also thinner than pancakes. An authentic crepe diameter is around 13 inches.

On the other hand, pancakes have fillings, such as blueberries, and these are often mixed with the batter and cooked with the pancake. The average diameter of a Pancake is 5 inches.

Crepes vs. Pancakes: Available Variants

Crepes come in different flavors and it all depends on the creativity of the chef. They can be filled with various fillings, ranging from savory to sweet. It should be noted that the flavors of crepes are not directly added when preparing the batter.

Since they are wider and thinner than pancakes, they can be filled with different ingredients, whether savory or sweet and then folded or rolled up before being served.

Pancakes, on the other hand, do not have plenty of variants. However, people use different toppings to make them more delicious.

How Many Calories Are in a Crepe?

If you are wondering about how many calories in a crepe and whether you should eat more, this section provides the information you need.

The serving size of your crepes will determine the number of calories you consume per time. One serving of 50 grams of crepe has 112 calories. Now, this caloric calculation is based on a plain crepe. 

That means that the calories in the filling are not included. A 50-gram crepe also contains 5.54-gram of fat and 10-83-gram of carbs. To ensure that you do not pack more calories than you should, you may want to check the details about the crepe filling you choose.

At Pastreez, on average a crepe + filling is about 256 calories (more info here).


Although they look similar, crepes and pancakes are not the same. Yes, they both have almost the same ingredients but they have distinctive features that differentiate them.

In summary, one difference between crepes and pancakes is the presence of a raising agent in pancakes and the absence of the same in crepes. Crepes are also paper-thin, while pancakes are fluffy and fleshy. Both are delicious though.

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