5 reasons to go dairy-free

50 millions of American are dairy-free. What are the most reasons to go dairy-free ? In our story I explained why our macarons are actually dairy-free. I analyzed the top 5 reasons to go dairy-free.

1 - We don't need dairy products

We don't need dairy products

The first and main reason : Our body does not need to eat dairy products. And it's all proven scientifically. When we are baby, we need our mother milk, like all mammals. But only when we are very young.

In fact, when humans are at young age, we produce an enzyme necessary to digest the milk. But adults normally don't secrete it. If we do, it is because of a small genetic mutation. That's why there is so many people that can't eat lactose. Because it's actually normal to be lactose intolerant.

2 - You'll get your baby skin back

Dairy-free gives you baby skin
When you drink milk, you notice that there is a LOT of type. Whole milk, skim milk, etc. Milk does not contains only lactose. There is fat too. A famous blog  reported than hundred of fans testified going dairy-free treated their acne. Dermatologists also proved that acne and milk are connected. To vanish acne, stop drinking milk (I might found a new slogan here 😅) 

3 - Weight Loss

You lose weight going dairy-free

As mentioned above, milk contains a lot of fat. A glass of milk has about 50% of it. Cheeses, yogurt and ice creams are between 55% and 65% fat. When it says "low fat" in the supermarket, it is actually low fat comparatively to other similar products. Avoid dairy products is the first step to lose weight.

4 - Your Bones will get Stronger

Weird. But true. Eating dairy-free strengthen your bones. There is a 12-year Harvard study conducted on 77,000 persons showing that eating dairy products increase the risk of fracture.

5 - You can eat better desserts

Macarons with fruits

Yes ! Fruit desserts are always better than cream desserts. Because it contains nutriments and vitamin that our body needs. Of course, still have sugar. But what is desserts without sugar 😇 When you eat fruits, your supply of energy increase in no time. It's an instant energy supplier. 

That's why we choose to use local fruits at pastreez. Our macarons are healthier. We use 100% local ingredients.

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